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The ADITSM is a degree that combines the study of IT with related business skills. This advanced diploma can be studied part-time or full-time. As an ADITSM graduate, you’ll have the knowledge and understanding required to succeed in a variety of technical and non-technical roles in the IT industry, from IT administrator to software developer, project manager, analyst, and analyst programmer.

The coursework available to you as an ADITSM graduate will give you the foundation needed to enter any career in technology with ambition. The program is designed so graduates can immediately re-enter the workforce after graduation, ready to take on any new challenges presented by their chosen field.

What does an ADITSM degree cover?

The ADITSM degree provides a broad education across business and technology. It is a flexible degree, meaning you can tailor your own course of study to focus on a specific area of interest. This will be determined based on your educational and professional background. The degree has a strong focus on project management and end-to-end business analysis, giving you a unique insight into the technology business.

You’ll be equipped with the skills necessary to lead technology projects and solve a variety of issues facing businesses today, from security breaches to supply chain issues. ADITSM graduates are prepared for a wide range of roles including IT administrator, business analyst, project manager, software developer, analyst programmer, and data analyst.

How can a degree in IT help you?

With a degree in IT, you’ll be equipped with the industry knowledge and advanced technical skills needed to succeed in a variety of jobs. You’ll be able to keep up with emerging trends and new technologies, keeping you primed for promotion within your company or the start of a new career elsewhere.

Additionally, a degree in IT can help you earn a higher salary than those without a degree. A study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that workers with an advanced degree earn more than those without one. Ready to earn a higher salary? Graduating with an ADITSM degree can help you do just that. While an ADITSM degree alone may not be enough to make you a six-figure earner, it is certainly a great start towards increasing your earning potential.

How to study an ADITSM degree

The ADITSM degree is designed for students who are interested in both technical and business skills. This provides a flexible program for students to study a wide range of subjects, including Advanced IT project management Business analysis Health Informatics Data science much more ADITSM students are able to select a combination of courses based on their academic and professional background, creating a degree that is unique to them. Students are able to select either a full-time or part-time study path. For students who are unable to attend classes on campus, online courses are an option. This allows students to study where and when they are most comfortable.

Course structure of the ADITSM degree

The ADITSM degree has a wide range of course options. This is due to the degree’s flexible nature, allowing students to select courses based on their own educational and professional backgrounds. The following course areas are available for ADITSM students: Advanced IT project management Business analysis Health Informatics Data Science And much more

Can I study part-time for the ADITSM?

Yes! The ADITSM is designed for students with a variety of schedules, including those who work full-time and/or have families. For those who work full-time, there are options for part-time study. This allows you to break up your studies into manageable chunks and complete your degree in a shorter amount of time.

If you have a family that requires your attention, part-time study is also a great option, as it allows you to manage your responsibilities while still working towards your degree. If you need assistance balancing your responsibilities and studying, the University of Phoenix has a wide range of resources available to help you succeed.

Is there an internship for the ADITSM?

Yes! The ADITSM degree offers an internship as a course option. This is a great opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge gained during your studies and put them to the test. An internship is a chance to apply what you’ve learned and get valuable work experience. This will allow you to see if the field you’re interested in is a good fit for you.

It will also help you build your resume with real work experience and make you more attractive to employers. The ADITSM degree has an internship course option as well as an internship for those who have already graduated. This allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world situations and gain the experience you need to succeed in your field.

What careers are available with a degree in IT?

The ADITSM degree is a great choice for those who want to work in a variety of fields, including but not limited to IT, business, and health. This degree prepares students for a variety of careers that fit their unique skill set. The following careers are available to ADITSM graduates:

IT administrator Business analyst Project manager Data analysts And much more ADITSM graduates are prepared for a wide range of roles, including those listed above, due to their flexible degree and course options. The degree provides students with a strong foundation in all aspects of technology, giving them the skills they need to succeed in any field.

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Final tips

The most important thing to remember during your studies is to stay organized. Make sure you know what you need to do each week to stay on track with your studies. You should also make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources available to you. The University of Phoenix has a wide range of tools to help you succeed, including course mentors, online libraries, tutoring services, and more.

If you’re interested in a degree in IT, the ADITSM is a great choice. It provides a broad education across business and technology, providing a flexible program for students to study a wide range of subjects. This degree is designed for students who are interested in both technical and business skills, giving them the foundation needed to succeed in a variety of fields.

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