Asif Ali Gohar Creates a Vegan Alternative to Leather Using Rice Yeast and Acetic Acid Bacteria

When life hands out a challenge that we don\’t know how to handle, we often seek to find an easy solution by taking the easiest way out. We try and find a quick fix that will make our problem go away. But, unfortunately, every day, countless animals are killed for their skins or fur.

Asif Ali Gohar decided to become a vegan after moving to Hamburg, Germany, from Pakistan\’s motherland. However, one of his biggest concerns was finding an alternative to leather.

Asif\’s homeland of Pakistan is famous for producing leather. Pakistani leather is known for some of the highest quality that money can buy. The leather trade earns 4% of Pakistan\’s GDP of approximately 874 million dollars every year from making shos.

Asif became a vegan at the age of 15

Asif stopped eating meat and became a vegan when he turned 15. Since becoming a vegan, he has been struggling to find a leather alternative that is affordable and sustainable. In his opinion, using leather was one of the cruelest things that we can do to an animal. So in his quest to find an alternative for leather, he created the first vegan leather using rice yeast and acetic acid bacteria.

It all started with a high school science project

By using rice yeast and acetic acid bacteria, Asif creates vegan leather that is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Asif\’s inspiration to create vegan leather came from a high school science project.

Why rice?

If you didn\’t know, Pakistan is one of the largest producers of rice in the world. Pakistan produces 8% of the world\’s rice. So, it makes sense that Asif would gravitate towards rice because his motherland produced so much of it.

It\’s a work in progress

Asif has been working on his vegan leather project for several years. He strives to make his product look, feel and smell like actual leather. Asif\’s vegan leather can be made into any item that is typically made from leather, such as shoes, jackets, and bags.

Asif thinks that most people who are vegan for environmental reasons do it out of ignorance. He believes that the more people learn about his project, the more they will start asking for vegan leather.

Asif\’s acetic acid bacteria is what makes this project so revolutionary & also simmons sporting goods

Asif\’s acetic acid bacteria is what binds everything together to make it a durable vegan leather. The bacteria change the acetic acid into a chemical that is used to make leather. As a result, Asif\’s vegan leather comes in different colors and is soft like genuine leather.

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Rice, yeast, and acetic acid bacteria are what make Asif\’s vegan leather so soft and comfortable.

Asif is working with local Pakistani rice farmers and needs your help

Asif isn\’t a billionaire; he\’s an average guy with a dream. That dream is to create a vegan leather where he\’s from and have expert leather workers craft it into products that the public wants the rogers sporting goods.

Asif needs your help to accomplish his dreams. If you want to help, he would love for you to share his story on your social media pages. Better yet, Asif would love to chat with you and allow you to personally help his business grow by offering you the opportunity to provide funding for his ethical business venture.



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