You will also gain a lot from the process of communicating your ideas, about writing, and even about the subject you believed you already knew so well when you began. Thousands of your customers, prospective employers, or publishers will read your work.

Yes, you. We are always looking for new authors. If you have an idea that will excite our readers and push our industry forward, we are open to it. You don’t have to wait for an innovation that will reinvent web design. Just share your perspective on a subject that is keeping you up at night with our audience.

Email us your submission;-

We want your article to be as good as it can be, and we will push you to achieve that goal. When your article is accepted, you will receive extensive comments from our team, and you will work with an editor on revisions.

Writing is also enjoyable. Thousands of people (and future employers, clients, or publishers) will have the opportunity to read about your work, and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge in the process about communicating ideas, writing, and even about the subject, you believed you knew so much about when you began.

What we seek out.

We are open to receiving draft material at any stage (a short summary of your argument and why it matters to our readers, or a paragraph summarising your argument and why it matters to our readers), as long as it is accompanied by an outline. The more complete your submission, the better quality of advice we can offer you. Please note that we do not publish anything that has previously been published (including on your blog).

Before you submit your piece, please consult our style guide and recent articles for guidance on structuring and formatting, and ensure your submission meets the following requirements:

  1. It provides a clear argument rather than a list of tips and tricks.
  2. Be 100% unique, brave, and charming.
  3. It has to be written for businesses, developers, content strategists, information architects, or For similar audiences.
  4. It is supported by compelling arguments, not just sentiments. Verify and reference sources, if appropriate.

Articles are published by us.

Articles are written between 600 and 2,500 words long, depending on the subject’s complexity. 1,500 words are about average. Articles may be casual in tone and content or rigorously structured and edited, depending on their purpose.

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Email us ” your work via Google Doce or in excel word Docs. So our Editor will easily check and provide you the Feedback.

Here’s what happens after you send your file:

  1. The whole team will review and discuss your submission if the editor determines it to be a good fit.
  2. Once the team has provided feedback, the editor will get back to you with comments if we need any changes.
  3. If we accept your content then one of our editors will work with you closely.
  4. We cannot provide a specific publish date until the article is nearly finished. The article will be published as soon as revisions are complete.