Lumpty Learning: Learn With Play

Seen in thousands of schools around the globe, Lumpty is a collection of hands-on activities, games, and animations that use a natural understanding of language and cognition to teach reading, the basics of science, and numeracy. Find out what it takes to make one of these mind-boggling innovative products.

What is Lumpty Learning and How Does It Work?

Lumpty Learning is an app that allows users to learn new tasks and concepts in a fun and engaging way. With Lumpty, you can choose from a variety of different activities, including games, quizzes, and activities that specifically teach math, English, science, and more.

The app works by continuously adapting the material that you are learning to keep you engaged and challenged. Lumpty also offers personalization features so that each user’s experience is unique.

Why use Lumpty Learning in the classroom?

Lumpty Learning is a unique and innovative learning platform that encourages children to learn through play. Lumpty Learning’s patented device, the LumiPad, allows children to learn how to use digital devices in a fun and engaging way. Lumpty Learning has been used in classrooms around the world to help students who are struggling with learning new technology skills, as well as for general education classes.

Lumpty Learning

One of the main benefits of using Lumpty Learning in the classroom is that it provides teachers with an easy way to scaffold learning for their students. By incorporating Lumpty Learning into the curriculum, teachers can tailor teaching methods to better match each student’s level of understanding.

In addition

By using LumptyLearning in combination with other technology tools like video conferencing software and lesson plans, teachers have everything they need to effectively teach their students digital literacy skills.

Teachers who are interested in implementing Lumpty Learning into their classrooms should visit for more information on how to get started.

Case Study: A Science homework aid made with Lumpty Learning

Do you knowLumpty Learning is a new learning platform that encourages active and playful learning. Lumpty provides interactive tools that help children learn through play. Lumpty was created by educators who wanted to create an efficient and fun way to help children learn science.

This takes the traditional approach of teaching science by breaking it down into smaller pieces and then building it back up. This allows children to understand concepts more easily and makes them more likely to retain information.

The first step in using Lumpty is selecting the topic you want to learn about. After that, you will be presented with a series of questions designed to test your understanding of the material. Once you have answered these questions, Lumpty will provide feedback based on how well you did.


For example

If you selected the topic of Earthquakes, Lumpty would ask you questions about how earthquakes happen, what causes them, and what people can do to prepare for them. Once you have answered all of the questions correctly, Lumpty will give you Congratulations! badge along with advice for improving your performance next time.

If you get stuck or need clarification on something, simply hit the Options button and Lumpty will provide explanatory text directly onscreen.

Lumpty Learning is currently available as a free trial for Schools across North America. If schools are interested in implementing Lumpty into their curriculum, they can purchase a subscription that includes access to an ever-growing library of lessons covering subjects such as Math, Science, and English.

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Learning can be a lot of fun, and that’s why we’ve included some great learning resources in this Lumpty. We hope you’ll take advantage of them and have lots of fun while you learn!

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