Massage Guns: When & How To Use Them

You can notice massage guns virtually anyplace lately. wellbeing and sports equipment stores – on-line or otherwise sell them. they’re supported by celebrities, fitness gurus and athletes – however don’t let the kind fool you. They’re definitely over simply a trend.

There is a fairly smart reason behind this large quality. Massage guns work – IF you utilize them properly.

Massage guns – what square measure they?

Massage guns square measure devices that alter users to relish the advantages of powerful and fast deep tissue massages anyplace and anytime they have it.

It’s not troublesome to know why they’re referred to as that, devices usually fit a small-arm and their primary purpose is to permit users to try to to self-massages.

There square measure loads of massage guns obtainable lately, that makes it a small amount of a challenge to settle on the simplest quality gun from the remainder. In alternative words, smart quality massage guns offer fast bursts of music force into your muscles, relieving muscle tightness and soreness.

How will a massage gun work?

A massage gun uses vibration or music medical care, or generally each at a similar time or vibration medical care, generally each at the same time. though vibration and percussion medical care offer a similar edges, they need bound variations.

Percussive medical care – what’s it?

Percussive medical care is that the use of speedy “punches” onto muscle tissue and animal tissue (fascia) to enhance the flow of blood and chop up connective tissue on the sore muscle areas.

Percussive massage guns drive music force deep into muscle tissue to maximise results. The Hydragun massage gun for instance will drive the maximum {amount} as 12mm into your muscles – giving simply the correct amount of deep tissue massage.

How to use massage guns properly

If you would like to induce the foremost edges from your massage gun, you wish to understand the way to use it properly. Otherwise, you will find yourself inflicting injury to yourself and wasting cash. Here square measure some recommendations on once and the way to use these massage guns:

Before a travail

A quick associate with your massage gun before understanding helps in your heat up routine. By increasing the flow of blood within the muscles you’ll use throughout exercise, you improve your flexibility and vary of motion and lower the danger of injuries.

Before you begin your travail, use the massage gun for up to a pair of minutes on every muscle cluster you’ll use. For supporting muscle teams, you’ll use the massage gun for thirty seconds per muscle cluster..

For instance, if you’re up for a leg day, here’s associate degree example of employing a massage gun for your heat up:

For the most muscles you’ll work out:

  • 1 minute on every of your quad muscles
  • 1 minute every on your hamstrings

For the supporting muscles:

30 seconds on your calves 30 seconds on your lower back

After a travail

Massage guns are often used as a part of your post-workout cool downs, too. when associate degree intense travail, music massage helps your body to . Post-workout music medical care will facilitate bring your body back to its resting state.

Using a massage gun helps keep a healthy blood flow when your travail, and brings essential nutrients and element back to your tired muscles. in addition, employing a massage gun when a travail can even scale back muscle inflammation and hamper on post travail muscle soreness.

How typically are you able to use massage guns?

It’s safe to use massage guns on a daily basis as long as you utilize them properly and you don’t exceed the manufacturer’s counseled usage.

Summing it up

A massage gun may be a useful and healthy a part of your recovery and wellbeing routine. however ensure that you simply don’t use them directly on painful muscles or any swollen a part of your body. If you would like to use a massage gun for recovery, talk to your doctor on the way to best use these powerful devices.


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