Meet VIN Diesel’s Twin Brother Paul Vincent – Few Facts You Should Know about Him

Vin Diesel could be a widespread acting star, renowned for his stellar role in quick and Furious series. he’s conjointly the voice behind Groot, a large creature in Marvel medium universe Avengers, among others. His real name is brandy Sinclair Vincent.

He has 3 youngsters, 2 daughters and a son together with his old girlfriend, Paloma poet. Enough regarding Vin Diesel. The trending news is on his freshly unconcealed brother, World Health Organization isn’t simply a brother, however a dizygotic twin to him; Paul Vincent.

  • Paul Vincent – Vin Diesel’s Twin Brother

So, what regarding Paul Vincent? He was born on eighteenth Gregorian calendar month 1967 in Alameda, California. His mother is Delora Sherleen Vincent, however the identity of his biological father remains within the dark. He was referred to by his step papa, Irvin H. Vincent, whose cognomen the Vincents use. apart from Vin Diesel, he has 2 alternative siblings, Tim and Samantha Vincent.

Paul Vincent, being a dizygotic twin to Vin Diesel, is that the opposite of his brother in outlook and look. His face is furry, and he keeps quite some hair, in contrast to his bald brother.

Vin Diesel Twin Brother’s photos
Vin Diesel twin brother Paul pictures

  • Is Paul Vincent Married?

Paul Vincent himself has ne’er talked regarding his wedding life, and neither has anyone getting ready to him. This data has, therefore, not been disclosed. Hence, nobody publicly is aware of whether or not or not he’s married.

  • Does Paul Vincent Have Children?

Owing to Paul being reserved, we tend to can’t tell whether or not or not he has children. once it’s not identified whether or not or not he’s married, it’s impracticable to grasp whether or not he’s a papa nevertheless.


Paul Vincent has tried the maximum amount as attainable to stay his personal life and career to himself. However, we all know that he’s a graphics producer. He was the producer behind the 1995 Multi-Facial flick, among others. He was concerned partially of the quick and Furious series as a sound producer.

What Is Paul Vincent’s NET Worth?

Once fans understand that you simply area unit connected to a renowned actor, consequent question is definitely; your web value. the precise price of the wealth of Paul isn’t nevertheless clear. However, he’s probably between $1 million and $5 million.

There is a discrepancy between sources, however his web value so lies between these 2 figures.


Paul Vincent is a very public person. this can be contrary to most of the people World Health Organization have shut connections with a star like his brother.

People solely knew recently regarding him through Vin Diesel, World Health Organization denote him on Instagram. denote a photograph of Paul and Paul Walker, World Health Organization is deceased. Fans would have thought that the 2 Pauls were brothers. Vin Diesel had, however, created it clear that the second Paul was his brother.

Paul Vincent Vs. Vin Diesel

Paul Vincent and Vin Diesel area unit nothing like twin brothers. apart from being fraternal, the 2 brothers area unit totally different in the majority the opposite aspects.

While Vin Diesel showed Associate in Nursing interest within the acting career since early in his childhood, Paul was the alternative. He has ne’er even tried acting. Unlike his brother, Vin Diesel has all his data within the limelight; childhood, career, family, and NET worth.
Due to his no-hit acting career, Vin Diesel is value $160 million, whereas his brother is probably going value $5 million at the most.Despite these variations, the 2 brothers seem to be tight friends.

Final finding;-

Though there’s not abundant identified regarding Paul Vincent, the insufficient identified tells that he’s a pleasant person. Moreover, he’s not into the limelight; therefore most of his personal details still hidden.

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