Take care of your skin properly at Home

The primary element in a person’s look is his healthy face. Well-groomed skin helps to feel more confident and charming.

Many people think that in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful face, it is enough just to go to a beautician once a month, wash your face and use the most common creams. When trying to take care of your skin, most do not even suspect that they are making mistakes. But in this matter, only the right actions will help preserve youth and beauty.

Morning and evening care is considered particularly important. With a professional and competent approach, daily procedures can be a great pleasure for you.

First, you need to determine your skin type and, based on this, choose the right products. Cosmetologists distinguish four types: combination, normal, dry, and oily skin. The stages of a facial care are identical for all types of skin, but cosmetics are already individual and are selected only by a professional.

Five easy steps for daily to take care of your skin

  • Washing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing and nourishing
  • Supportive care
  • Sun protection

Washing or cleansing

You need to cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening. This is the most important and necessary stage, but many do it incorrectly, for example, they wash off cosmetics only with soap. Cleansers and makeup removers are completely different products. To cleanse the skin after makeup, you need a hydrophilic oil, micellar water, or lotion. It is crucial to pick up the right products for the skin. For a combination to dry skin, use alcohol-free products. For oily, it is recommended to use lotions and mousses. But for sensitive skin, products that do not cause allergies are excellent.


The next step is toning. This stage is needed in order to prepare the skin for the application of the cream. You also need to use a tonic in the morning and evening. It is important to remember that toning allows you to more effectively take all subsequent care products. Ignoring this step will make all the previous steps useless.

Moisturizing and nourishing

This is a very important stage. It is also done twice a day. After toning, we apply an eye cream with beneficial properties. Face cream should be used 20 minutes before the main make-up. This is done so that he has time to nourish the skin with its beneficial properties.

Moisture makes the skin softer and cleaner. It is important to do a moisturizing procedure every day because, due to a deficiency of useful components, wrinkles may appear earlier and the skin of the face will be drier. It is important to remember that cosmetics should also be applied to the décolleté and neck.

In the cold season, you need to use more oily products, but in the summer it is already worth switching to light textures. If the temperature is above 8 °, then moisturize the skin in the morning and soak it in the evening. And at temperatures below 8 ° – the opposite.

Supportive care

This stage includes masks and serums. It is necessary to apply these funds in the evening, three times a week, before the main care.

Sun protection

Sun protection is necessary for everyone who does not want to age prematurely. It is especially important to focus on the presence of SPF in each cream. But in the warm season, the protection factor should be at least 30.

Body skincare

Clothing hides most of our bodies. However, it still doesn’t mean that underneath the skin will not require proper attention and care. There are a lot of cosmetics for your body that you can buy in any specialized cosmetics store. These body cosmetics prevent dehydration, the loss of elasticity in the muscles of the epidermis and slow down the aging process when they are used correctly.

Basic rules to take care of your skin:

  • protect your skin from the sun and also from the frost;
  • apply cosmetics for your body, not for your face;
  • go in for sports;
  • use gentle detergents;
  • give preference to the soul more often;
  • gently wipe off damp skin;
  • do not forget about daily hydration, which is required for all skin types;
  • apply products in a thicker layer than in the case of facial skincare;
  • take a contrasting or warm shower every day, it tones the skin better;
  • use a hard washcloth, moving in a circular motion from top to bottom;
  • take a bath of moderate temperature (about 37 ° C) for no more than 20 minutes;
  • peel your body with cosmetic scrubs once a week (for oily skin – 2-3 times a week);
  • use moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics without mixing different products with each other (apply them in turn and with a certain period of time).

For cleansing, it is recommended to take baths with the addition of essential oils and salt. Foams are best used less often because they dry out the skin and contain a lot of fatty components.

Using the scrub to cleanse the skin, spread the product in a circular motion from bottom to top. It is applied to a damp body, left on for 3-5 minutes, and then washed off with warm water.

Healthy skin means proper and regular care. To preserve youth and beauty, you just need to follow these points.

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