The 2022 Guide to Protecting Your Fabric and Linen from Insects

Insect infestation occurs in a variety of climates throughout the world year-round in either commercial or private dwellings. Pest Control Dubai professionals provide all the necessary information about fabric insects and incredible ways of killing them. Moreover, pest control Dubai professionals encourage using natural insect killers and repellents rather than chemical ones. They also suggest using mechanical baits and traps as preventive measures before and after the fabric pest treatment.

1. Clothes moths

Fabric damage by clothes moths is caused by the larvae which feed on protein fibers of natural origin such as wool, silk, alpaca fur, and feather. The main problem with these fabrics is the holes in the fabric are only visible on closer inspection or when rubbed between your fingers.

2.  Carpet beetles 

The larvae of the carpet beetle can also feed on other protein materials such as vegetable fabrics (cotton, silk, and linen), carpets, furs, and skins. However, they require a higher moisture content in these types of fabrics which is why they prefer to feed on carpets rather than clothes made from cotton and other materials. 

3. White-marked tussock moth caterpillars 

Orgyiaucostigma mainly feeds on leaves of broad-leaved plants and occasionally fabrics such as silk but also carpets. The caterpillars leave holes in the surface of the fabric, exposing the base materials and leaving behind a webbing-like structure on or under the surface. 

4. Moth larvae 

Moth larvae feed mainly on the keratin of animal origins such as wool, feathers, or silk which means that any infestation of clothes moths will damage all types of clothing such as fleece jackets, coats, suits, etc.

Incredible Ways to Protect Fabric Material from Insects

There are many ways to kill clothes moths and clothes moths eggs, but they vary depending on what kind of insects has laid eggs in your clothing: Pest Control Dubai services recommend using sticky traps and freeze killing of insect eggs.

Sticky Traps:

If adult clothes moths fly around your room, use sticky traps for clothes moth control. Attach one or two pieces near entry points like window frames or door frames. They will help you determine how big the insect infestation is. Then, you can choose the appropriate clothes moth control solution. If your clothing is infested with clothes moths, immediately seal it in a plastic bag and throw it out. Don’t take any risk of bringing contaminated clothes back to your house.

Freeze Killing Eggs:

If clothes moths have laid eggs in your clothes, place them in the freezer for 6 hours at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). This will kill all stages of insects, including their larvae that eat fabric materials. Be sure to keep everything sealed in bags because some liquids can harm fabrics when frozen, like water or alcohol-based sprays used for killing adult moths. After defrosting, clean all items using hot water with laundry detergent added.

Chemical Control:

However, the most effective way of killing clothes moth larvae is by using chemicals. Pest Control Dubai services usually use mothballs which you can find at any Pest Control Shop. They contain paradichlorobenzene, which kills insects by interfering with their digestive system functions.

Preventing fabric damage instead of killing insects

Most people look for ways to get rid of pests because there is a high chance their clothing will be eaten away if the infestation continues. However, it might be good to know how to prevent fabric damage caused by moths eating your cloth goods in the first place.

Seal bags with natural repellents

One way is to seal bags with natural repellents as the best preventive measure by the Pest Control Dubai professionals.  It includes using lavender oil, cedar chips, dried cloves, eucalyptus leaves, or sachets with naphthalene flakes or balls. 

Naphthalene is another chemical used by the Best Pest Control in Dubai services that kills moths by interfering with their digestive system. It is toxic, so you should use it with care and in an enclosed space – otherwise, your family might become sick too.

Homemade fabric treatment sachets

If you don’t want to buy mothballs, the best pest control in Dubai services helps you consider using homemade fabric treatment sachets. They are safer for kids and pets and may also be more effective. For example, clove oil will kill insects on contact while cedar chips will protect fabrics from future infestations. Lear more about Vanessa Villanueva

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