Ultimate guide to celebrating first karwa Chauth

Karva Chauth is a well-known festival that is celebrated among Hindus. The festival is notably celebrated by married Hindu ladies wherein they observe a Vrat or fast for their husbands. Women observe a day-long fast for their husbands and only open the fast when they see the moon during the night. The festival of Karva Chauth has many aspects to it. It is noted for the ritual of women praying for the long life and safety of their husbands; this tradition involves the women dressing in the best festive attires and embracing their wedding jewelry. However, this day must not be regarded as an opportunity for women to get dressed up and embrace their beauty. It is much more than that. After all, it is all about celebrating your marital Bond along with your partner, thereby praying for their long life. The celebrations of Karva Chauth have many Essential elements to them, and it is these elements that make the celebrations of Karva Chauth extra special. however, the joy of celebrating Karva Chauth becomes extra special when it is the first time that you would be celebrating this festival. If you have been wedded recently or any of your friends or family members would be celebrating their first Karva Chauth in 2021, then you must suggest they go through our ultimate guide for celebrating the festival. 

  • Karva Chauth sargi

An essential element of the festival of Karva Chauth is Karva Chauth sargi that is a gift from the girl’s mother-in-law. Sargi is a feast offered to the girl by her mother-in-law. It consists of the essential food items that must be eaten before initiating the Karva Chauth fast. The sargi incorporates sweets, snacks, mathri, desserts, and other delicious eatables for the girl. Women who observe Karva Chauth fast wake in the morning and exchange sargi, and consume them in order, to begin with, the fast. 


  • Karva Chauth Shringar

It is mandatory for the women to adorn their Karva Chauth shringar on the occasion of Karva Chauth. Women embrace beautiful Henna designs on their hands along with wedding jewelry. It is also believed that the dark color of henna is representative of the immense love and passion of the woman’s husband for her. 

  • Karva Chauth ritual

Karva Chauth is all about embracing marriage and love. It is a ritual for women to get dressed up just as a bride would. Thereby embracing bridal attire and Jewelry. Additionally, a water-filled Karva lit Diya, sweets, and a sieve are essential parts of the Karva Chauth celebration. It is only through this sieve that the women look at their husbands at the time of moonrise. Later they touch their feet to seek their blessing and finally complete the tradition of Karva Chauth. 

  • Karva Chauth Pooja

The celebration of Karva Chauth would be incomplete if you did not participate in Karva Chauth Puja, which begins in the evening. Women start preparing for Karva Chauth Puja and assemble at a familiar place wherein they walk with their Karva Chauth Pooja thali and listen to the famous Karva Chauth tale of Goddess Parvati. After the completion of the story, women seek the blessings of God and pray for the long life of their husbands. 

  • Karva Chauth gift

Men often express their love to their wives by surprising them with a Karva Chauth gift. It is through this gift that the men offer gratitude to women who observe a day-long fast for them by praying for their excellent health and long life. 

  • Karva Chauth fast

The most important part of celebrating Karva Chauth is that of observing a fast for your partner. Although it has been a ritual of women observing Karva Chauth fast for their husbands, husbands can observe this fast for their wife too. After all, this fast is the replication of our love towards our partner. You must observe a day-long fast wherein you do not consume even a drop of water throughout the day and open the fast only after the moonrise.


Observing Karva Chauth fast is an essential element of the Hindu culture. However, one must take care of their health and avoid observing a day-long fast if the doctor does not recommend one to do so. 

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