Where Does Audio Files Saved In iPhones?

An iPhone audio file saves in folders associated with the file sort and also the app you received or sent the message. as an example, photos would save in an exceedingly pic app, and a voice mail would detain a voice memorandum app. sadly, within the case of iMessage, it’s quite totally different. Those messages destruct when a pair of minutes, except you modify their settings.

Although the iPhone makers frequently amendment the iPhone’s outlook through regular updates, the navigation steps square measure straightforward. you’ll be able to genuinely hit the books the principle behind the modifications and learn to search out or save your audio for future use.

  • Where Do Audio Files Save In iPhone?

Audio files store within the app wont to save or produce them. They “hide” in their connected folder sort. It’s no news that iMessage expires or that you simply will send your audio to your email for simple access. Here square measure the steps to save lots of your files for semipermanent use. one among the advantages of imessage is that the voice note feature. They prevent the strain of writing long words, however they disappear when a brief whereas. you’ll be able to save your audio messages on your phone or pc.

  • How To Save Audio messages on iPhone

To store your audio imessage files on associate degree iPhone, do this.

Listen to the audio, then click the “keep” setting directly below it.
As long as you have got the message thread, the audio would stay accessible to you. However, you have got to try and do this on every audio you wish to save lots of. otherwise you will amendment the setting and have it mechanically save instead of expire when a pair of minutes. to vary the setting, follow these steps;
Step 1

Open the “Setting” app; tap on the icon

Step 2

Select “Messages”

Step 3

Go to the “Audio Message” option & choose “Expire.”

Step 4

Click on the “Never” possibility and apply the new setting.

How To Save Audio Messages on pc.

Another way to save lots of your audio files is to store them on your pc. you’ll be able to favor to move them thanks to privacy or what proportion worth you reckon them. mercantilism audio are often a touch difficult however worthwhile.

  • Method one – Export via voice memos app

Step 1

Save the audio victimization the “Keep” technique or amendment the setting from 2minutes to “Never.”

Step 2

Click on the “Export file” and select the “Voice Memos App” as destination. when sharing it, you’ll be able to any mail it to your email or any safe email.

Please note; this technique doesn’t apply to updates when iOS twelve.

  • Method a pair of – Export to non-public pc

Step 1

If you are doing not have the iMessage app on your pc, transfer it. Save the received audio in an exceedingly new folder on your computer’s Winchester drive.

Step 2

Create associate degree iCloud account. The iMessage would seem on each phone and pc.

Step 3

Start the iMessage on your pc and open the message thread that contains the audio file you want to store.

Step 4

Identify and “Right-click” on the audio message. A pop-up menu would open, rotate your mouse on the choice services till it shows the setting “Show in finder.”

Step 5

Select “Show in finder” and export the audio message file into the “Transfers” folder. Open the folder if it’s not open, then choose and pull the audio to your desktop or home page.

You can additionally move it to any folder on the house page.

Step 6

The file format is accessible to any audio player on your pc, like VLC. Audio files you created can save on the pc victimization an equivalent steps, however there’s a faster technique below.

  • How To Save The Imessages Audio Files that You produce Or Send

Step 1

Start the iMessage app on your phone and attend the message thread with the audio file you select to store.

Step 2

Long-press on the audio file and look ahead to a pop-up menu. choose additional choices from the menu list.

Step 3

Tap the unsubdivided icon on the screen’s right edge; it’d open a replacement message page however no receiver range.

Step 4

As hostile writing a legitimate receiver sign, instead, sort in an exceedingly address. It are often yahoo, Gmail, or any addresses you’ll be able to access the inbox messages.

Step 5

Connect your phone to net|an online|a web} affiliation via mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Then you decide on send, it’d send the e-mail to the address you place.

Step 6

After a number of minutes, scroll through your inbox and look for the message you simply sent. Open the attachment to verify you sent the proper file.

  • How To notice Your Voice Mail And Whatsapp Audio Files

To access alternative files on your iPhone, attend the “Files” icon and open it. The file app contains all the folders In your phone and people already synchronised to your iCloud. to search out your voice mail or WhatsApp audio, search within the search box, and connected files would crop up.

Once you discover what you would like, click on however it to store a replica in your native folder. you’ll be able to notice it in my “device” setting> locations.

To save your retrieved files on your iPhone, please follow these steps.

  • Open the file you wish to save lots of
  • Click “Select,” then the file name.
  • Click on the “Organize” possibility and attend my “Device.”
  • From that setting, choose the folder you wish or produce a replacement folder.
  • Select the “Copy” possibility.

Alternatively, hold the pointer on the file, then selects the move possibility. any choose wherever you wish to maneuver the files

  • How To Move Whatsapp Audio File From iCloud To iPhone


  • Open the iCloud drive.
  • Search for the file you wish to move
  • Click “Select” and choose the file.
  • Click on the “organize” possibility.
  • Below “on my Device,” choose the new destination for the audio file or produce a folder.
  • Select “Move”



Where will Your Voicemail Save?

Voice mail stores within the voice memorandum app. to search out them, open the app and search. you’ll be able to additionally share them via emails, imessages.

To share your voice mails,

  • Go to the “Phone” setting and click on “Open Voicemails.”
  • Select the audio message you wish to save lots of so click on the “Share” icon
  • You can choose between Notes and voice memorandum choices. Click “Save.”

You can additionally share your voice mails to messages, emails, or the bringing possibility. sort in your email address within the recipient box, attatch the voicemail, and send.


Select airdrop, click airdrop contact, and send.

  • Where Do I notice bringing Mp3files On My iPhone?

Airdrop mp3 files save in connected apps. as an example, they might be in your music folder. alternative kinds of media content can mechanically save in pic or video apps as phone numbers would save within the phone contacts. If somebody sends associate degree bringing audio file, make sure its format and search to confirm it’s within the right location. The iPhone manufacturer programs the file to auto-save mp3 within the music folder. If it isn’t within the music folder, it wasn’t accepted, or your iPhone is low on memory.

If you have got not discovered your bringing on your iPhone, follow these steps. it’s necessary before causation or receiving files.

Step 1: choose the “Setting” icon

Step 2: Click on the “General” options

Step 3: Select Airdrop

Step 4: Click on “Everyone”; it permits everybody to send you media or contacts via drop. though you’d be needed to just accept every transfer sent.

Where will iMessage Audio Save On Ios 13?

The iMessage audio saves in your iPhone, however you discover it robust to find them. to stay track of wherever your messages go, use this technique.

  1. Start the “Message” app
  2. Go to the message thread containing the audio you wish
  3. You can additionally search the name of the person you sent or received the audio file. It makes the search method quick.
  4. Long-press the audio file till a pop-up menu comes up.
  5. Click “Save”

You can activate iCloud auto-save to keep a copy your files, thus you don’t fully lose files just in case of any harm.

With the iPhone, new updates escort improved ways of acting normal steps. however, it doesn’t mean it’s to be frightening; you simply don’t savvy to try and do it nonetheless. However, audio files can usually save in similar folders it absolutely was created from or hold on. simply follow the directions higher than as they might assist you greatly.


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