Why is Middlesex University Is A Superb University For Education?

Middlesex University Dubai is the most prestigious overseas degree from the internationally acclaimed Middlesex University London. The 

Middlesex University quality certificates square measure wonderful. Middlesex University is audited by the united kingdom Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for education and also the metropolis field is AN integral part of that auditing method. Middlesex University metropolis is additionally accredited by the information and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of the govt. of metropolis. additionally, KHDA’s International University Quality Assurance Board reviews all programs offered in metropolis to make sure that the standard of programs schooled in metropolis matches that of your home field in London or the USA. 



  • Art and style 

There square measure courses like Art and style. you’ll be able to take it as a hobby or a passion or learn one thing new and inventive. the varsity of Art style {and style} at Middlesex University metropolis includes graphic style and fashion design. Programs square measure schooled in progressive style labs and our recently designed fashion studio with its catwalk. Students square measure exposed to a spread of style mediums and square measure impelled to develop their technical skills and find out their style identity. 


  • Business 


the varsity of Business has been a number one supplier of licenced degrees in business, management and expertise for over a decade and has sturdy expertise operating with public and personal sector organizations within the UAE. Designed to satisfy the wants of employers and organizations, students become professionals UN agencies will act ethically, responsively, and holistically in an exceeding form of sectors. 


  • Accounting and Finance


Accounting and Finance programs square measure recognized worldwide by this university, as conjointly indicated on its website. They prepare leading specialists altogether areas. His team is created of a various cluster of internationally recognized and qualified scientists and professionals UN agency specialise in key disciplines like management accounting, bank superintendence, finance, economic science, information analytics, and lots of additional. The department conjointly places nice stress on employability and ne’er focuses on qualifications, however conjointly on understanding ideas. it’s conjointly developed sturdy trade connections with different academic blocks. 4,444 consultants square measure skilled advisers to the tutorial employees of a business and government executives. And its learning establishments are square measure progressive and have received recognition for his or her programs from a number of the world’s leading skilled associations, together with ACCA, UAECA, CIMA, CFA, CIPFA, GARP, and ICAEW. Our goal is to provide leading analysis that impacts policy and apply. 


  • Science and Technology


Science and Technology conjointly embody data technology and knowledge technology. the varsity of Science and Technology at metropolis Middlesex University brings along trendy engineering, technology and science. And it’s even schooled by leading lecturers from a large form of disciplines. Students here gain a plus through partnerships with leading organizations and access to the last analysis. Therefore, graduates have wonderful career prospects with a spread of employers within the non-public, public, and non-profit sectors. 


  • Eligibility 


Middlesex University Dubai’s admissions policy is predicated on a broader principle of participation: MDX believes that everybody ought to have the chance to get a university degree. Middlesex doesn’t distinguish between circuit colour or national or ethnic origin once admitting students to its programs. each individual includes a race or creed. All students inquisitive about a university program should meet its educational stipulations, additionally as proficiency in English. 


  • Admission

Middlesex doesn’t discriminate against students supported race, colour, national origin, or ethnic origin once admitting students to its programs. 


  • Residence hall 


finding out at Middlesex University metropolis is maybe the primary expertise of living far from home for several students. Students are supplied with an appropriate, clean, change and safe atmosphere for his or her accommodation. And it’ll even be study friendly so students will tackle their studies and sports without fear concerning accommodation. 


  • Apply for Scholarship 

University offers new and returning students UN agency have incontestable excellence in educational, athletic or cultural activities, multiple scholarships, international students, alumni and relations of Middlesex University metropolis students will all get pleasure from scholarships and special 


  • Awards

you’ll even be supplied with a type wherever you’ll be able to enter your email and make contact with data. it’s wont to offer daily write up updates, conjointly a comeback choice. 


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