5 Best Fraction Calculator Websites in 2022

Students who struggle with fractions and decimals might benefit from using fraction applications. They span a wide variety of abilities, including the ability to recognize fundamental fractions and convert them to decimals or percentages.

The finest sources for teaching fractions are these fractions calculator websites, apps, and games. Every app has at least two versions:

a web app for use with all current browsers and a downloaded version for use on devices (such as iOS and Android). We’ve compiled the top fractions-teaching apps to make studying fractions simpler.

In addition to offering tools for when fractions become more challenging in higher levels, these interactive apps and websites aid students in understanding what fractions signify in the early grades. Let’s look at several fraction calculator online websites and applications that might help your child who enjoys arithmetic learn fractions more easily!

Zap Zap Fractions:

Your youngster will go through the fundamentals of learning about fractions with the help of the Zap Zap Fractions calculator app.

Your child will learn a variety of fractions abilities using this software, including estimating, analyzing, organizing, finding equivalents, simplifying, adding, and subtracting. It also has excellent step-by-step explanations and brief interactive lessons.

Children will destroy more asteroids the more issues they successfully complete. Zapzapmath School Premium is free for home students due to school closings.

5 Best Fraction Calculator Websites in 2022

Squeebles Fractions:

The entertaining and educational software Squeebles Fractions aids in kids’ understanding of fractions. By obtaining the Maths Monster’s missing components, students must assist the Squeebles in baking cakes for the cake exhibition.

Four minigames are included in the fraction calculator online app, along with a reward system to entice kids to keep playing.

Children who are memorizing fractions from halves and quarters up to sevenths, eighths, and other odd fractions can use the app’s material.

Slice Fractions:

In order to learn about fractions, children must carefully slice and drop pieces of a whole in a sequence of graded arithmetic problems called Slice Fractions. Kids will genuinely get involved in challenging fractional problem-solving.

Slice Fraction calculator challenges children to cut ice and boulders into various fractional parts so that the pieces fall and clear the way for the Mastodon. This covers a variety of fraction concepts.

Children won’t always practice fractions in a way that would benefit them on worksheets or in examinations, but they will likely gain a conceptual understanding of fractions, which is probably more crucial.


The player’s progress is shown on a Hopscotch board in this free app, which has a straightforward multiple-choice quiz. The player moves forward if the answer is accurate, and backward if the answer is incorrect.

Interesting solutions leave players with stationery, making the most of the game’s concept, but do not provide a valid fraction in its basic form.

After the earliest stages of learning, multiple-choice tests are useful for practice because the restricted number of options allows students to focus on broad ideas rather than arithmetic. 

However, you should offer a subsequent exercise with more flexible answer options. If you still do not get good help from this, you may be in need of utilizing the dividing fractions calculator by calculator-online.net.

Fraction Monkey:

Fractions may be learned in a more enjoyable and engaging way with the help of Math Game For Kids. There are 40 stages in the gameplay that call for logical reasoning and math skill improvement.

It aids in the instruction of children on how to solve fractional math problems. It has an enjoyable Angry Birds vibe, but the youngsters are also picking up some basic math skills.

The fraction problems grow more challenging as they contain multiplication and division, in addition, to merely the addition and subtraction of fractions. Butthe advanced fraction calculator online would ultimately sort them outt and provide you with instant results displayed on your screen.

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