5 Reasons Why Buying Stocks Is A Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Buying Stocks Is A Good Idea

Many investors over the decades, regardless of active or passive types, have made a good amount of profits by strategizing and investing in the stock market. The fact that some investors’ investing thesis didn’t seem to work at all. However, this scenario causes everyone to pause before investing in stocks, or it scares most new investors from joining the stock market.  

After all, the stock market is incredibly unpredictable, implying that as per your research and clearance of market concepts such as macroeconomics, you can generate higher returns than any other investment. As compared to other investments stock market has the following advantages over others in the following ways: 


1)Sense of ownership and seamless transactions 

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Stock ownership directly implies that an investor has some stake in the company. This will give buyers a sense of ownership; likewise, they receive in real estate. Additionally, investors may be given a voice in corporate decisions that are important for the company’s future and management. When someone owns stock in a company, they can show their support for that company and its eventual effectiveness.  


Also, buying and selling stocks has been easier than in previous times, which involved a lot of paperwork and receipts to buy and sell the stock from your trading account; now, it just takes a few clicks to make transactions in your trading account. 


 Unlike any other investment which ties you to itself, stock market investments provide diversification, which is a significant benefit for investors. Diversification ensures a safety net for their investments.

As with other investments like bonds and forex, stock market investments experience value changes on their own which can be calculated to a smaller extent by applying technical and fundamental market analysis. An investor’s ability to predict economic loss on other investment products will be aided by purchasing a stock for longer. A lot of investors believe that diversification is the key to stock trading.

Suppose you are a stock trader and you bet on the short-term movements of stocks in case anything goes wrong with your prediction, then there is a higher chance that you may lose money. If you have a diversified portfolio consisting of hedging stocks, it may decrease the chances of overall diminution of your investments. 

3)Dividend advantages 


The term “dividend” is used whenever a company rewards its investors. In plain English, it can be described as an additional source of revenue that every company annually pays investors.

The dividend payouts will be made regardless of whether the stock has decreased in value or is still showing a profit which means that if you are holding the stock at the time of the ex-dividend date, you will get the dividend announced by the company. With the help of dividend income,

Investors may be able to finance their retirement or add to their portfolio’s long-term growth by making additional investments. A classic example of dividend advantages would be owning a house and renting it out; in this scenario, you are the owner of the complete house, and you are getting some kind of appreciation in rent. You should hold the dividend stocks before their ex-dividend date 


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4)Better returns expectancy than any other investment 


In comparison to other alternative investments like bank FDs, buying stocks has the potential to produce significant returns in a shorter period, which is its most significant benefit. But you should be careful about the risk factor that you are undertaking in the market; not every stock or trade gives out positive returns that are too short-term, but there are many examples of such stocks that have given a short-term breakout in not much time and are skyrocketing.  

A classic case in point would be Netflix. It is the best example of a good stock with a decent breakout. Here is an in-depth case study of the Netflix company that will help you get the bigger picture. 


5)Reshuffling of investments 

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Reshuffling investments simply means restructuring your portfolio, which can happen for various reasons; the most common among them is changing market dynamics. The stock market keeps on changing every day.

The reason is simple: the market is driven by the country’s overall economy, which in turn is controlled by the nation’s GDP (Gross domestic product). So, it is essential to reshuffle your portfolio regularly. In other investments like real estate, you don’t get any chance to reshuffle your investment as quickly in stocks, and that too in no time. 

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Investing in the Stock market can be one of the wisest decisions from an investment point of view, but it can also be a nightmare for most people who just invest in FOMO or without basic knowledge of investing. If you believe in the US economy, it might be the best choice to invest in the US index itself, as with the economy’s growth, the index is set to grow. 

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