5 Top Features of School Management System

5 Top Features of School Management System

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In the past, teachers and students were forced to record their attendance manually on paper. Even though this was easier than it is today, there are still many issues with this process. Firstly, teachers have to spend a lot of time entering data into the system, which could be used for teaching instead. 


Secondly, most schools don’t have enough staff members, so teachers can’t always be in school simultaneously as other teachers. As such, some students might not be recorded accurately when they arrive or leave school because no one would notice whether they were there or not!


Enhanced communication

The best thing about a School Management System is its ability to enhance communication. You can communicate with parents, teachers, and students via:

  • Sending messages to groups
  • Sending messages to specific people or groups (teachers, students)
  • Sending messages to the whole school


Improved accountability

In the real world, people are accountable for their actions. However, there are consequences when you do something wrong or someone does something wrong to you. For example, school management system software helps create a similar school environment by providing teachers and parents with the tools they need to keep kids accountable for their work and behavior.


For example, a teacher can see which students have not completed assignments or turned in homework on time through the SIS software teacher dashboard feature. The teacher can then send an email reminder asking them to complete this work immediately or face the consequences such as losing privileges at recess or being unable to participate in class activities until they finish it (if it’s a legitimate infraction).

5 Top Features of School Management System

Less paperwork

A School Management System (SMS) is software used to manage school operations. It helps to keep track of student attendance, grade books, test results, and other documents.


An SMS allows students and parents to access information about their grades online through a website or mobile app. This makes it easier to keep up with your child’s performance without constantly asking teachers what they got on their tests. You can also see when they have homework assigned or exams coming up so you can help them prepare accordingly.


Real-time reports

Real-time reports and data are essential features of a school management system.

It allows you to track student performance, teacher performance, school performance, and finances. It also helps you with tracking attendance, activities, and more.


Efficient collaboration between teachers, parents, and students

One of the most critical aspects of school management software is its ability to facilitate communication between teachers, parents, and students. The following are ways that this can be done:

  • Teachers can send messages to parents via email or SMS.
  • Students can send messages to teachers via email or SMS. Students can also communicate with their classmates through an internal messaging system within the software platform.
  • Parents can send messages to teachers and students through an internal messaging system within the software platform.
  • Teachers can post information about classwork dates and upcoming projects on a shared social media page, which all parents will have access to, as well as other staff members if they’re interested in learning more details about specific assignments/projects.


Blackbaud experts believe, “K–12 private schools are building a better world by preparing students for lifelong success.” The school administration software is flexible and scalable to work the way you want. This online solution is easy-to-use but powerful enough to meet your needs. 

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