5 Ways to Increase Website Conversions During Holiday Season

You are entering the most exciting time of the year. The holiday season is just around the corner and with it comes joy, excitement, and lots of online shopping. Digital marketing experts agree that this is one of the best times to take advantage of holiday marketing to get traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. “Be the brand they shop for this holiday season,” experts like Adroll say.

1. Offer a discount or promotion to increase website conversions

There’s no better way to ensure that customers are buying from you, not your competitors, than by offering a discount or promotion which is time-limited or ongoing. Discounts and promotions can also be used to give first-time buyers an extra incentive to try out your products or services.

5 Ways to Increase Website Conversions During Holiday Season

2. Feature the holiday season on your website

If you have a physical store, include holiday decorations in the store or use them to create an online image of what it would be like to visit your brick-and-mortar location during the holidays. If you don’t have a physical store, consider how you can make it look like there’s one there—people might not even realize that they’re looking at an eCommerce site when they see this kind of virtual experience.

It’s also important to feature seasonal products (or any product) on your website throughout the year, not just as part of creating a holiday marketing strategy.

3. Use coupons and free shipping discounts to increase website conversions

Coupons and free shipping discounts can be a great way to increase your website conversions. It’s also important to offer coupons for existing customers as well as new ones. You can do this by sending emails announcing new products or offering an additional discount on top of the one you already offer.

When it comes to shipping costs, you have two options: offer free shipping on all orders over a certain amount (to incentivize larger purchases), or offer free shipping on all orders regardless of the amount purchased (so that everyone gets at least some kind of deal).

4. Create pop-up offers that encourage visitors to act quickly

If you have a website, this is the time to start using pop-ups. Pop-up offers encourage visitors to act quickly and increase your website conversions. Some ways to use pop-ups are:

  • Offer a discount or promotion that expires in 48 hours or less. If someone sees an awesome offer, they’ll likely try to complete it before time runs out because of their fear of missing out on something great.
  • Feature holiday sales and promotions like coupons or free shipping discounts on your home page or product pages throughout the season to keep bringing traffic back until Christmas Day arrives! This will help boost your chances of getting more sales before the holiday’s end.

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5. Create CTAs to lead visitors to online offers

You can increase your conversion rate by adding a CTA (call to action) on each page of your site. It should be short and sweet and focus on a single call to action that will likely lead the visitor to purchase something from you.

You can boost your holiday shopping site by using the five tips listed above.

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