6 Most Popular Places To Enjoy Live Music In Los Angeles

Although there are many places to see live performances and concerts in LA, sometimes the best places to watch them are beside a fireplace with a couch nearby or at a candlelight meal with a drink in your hand. Here are a few well-known locations offering live music in Los Angeles, food, beverages, and a spectacular evening out in Los Angeles, whether it’s dating night or a fresh interest in jazz.

Vibrato Grill

The music venue at Vibrato Grill may be off the main route, but the winding journey through Beverly Glen is definitely worth it. The Glen Centre jazz club, which was established by well-known jazz musician Herb Alpert, hosts live music from various artists and jazz veterans like vocalist Brenna Whitaker to notable visitors as well. There are some intriguing vegan alternatives on the evening menu, which is primarily American and includes dishes like jambalaya and coconut curry.

Casey’s Irish Pub

Dim and inviting While Casey’s has been an Irish pub since the late 1960s, it first opened in 1916 as a Turkish bathhouse. Get some authentic Irish food, whisky, and beer, or play some darts or pool.

Expect the stage to come alive with live rock, indie, or folk music on weekends.


Bluewhale, a jazz bar founded by jazz singer Joon Lee, is tucked away on the third floor of Little Tokyo’s Weller Court Plaza. Before heading to the performance section, where chairs are distributed in the shape of cubes, visitors can get some food or a drink from the bar area (which offers a superb range of whisky, scotch, and bourbon).

The Culver Hotel

Every night after 7:30 p.m. during the week, the 1920s hotel’s Grand Lobby has live jazz performances. The ancient hotel’s mismatched antique seats, handcrafted cocktails, and a variety of jazz concerts throughout the week bring to mind the Jazz Age. Jazz performances range from conventional to current to swing. First-come, first-served, so arrive early and take advantage of happy hour with food and drink deals from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday through Friday.

live music in Los Angeles

EL REY Theatre

Although it has been a part of the Los Angeles live music scene since 1994, the El Rey Theatre’s history actually dates back much farther, as is evident from just one glance at its Art Deco structure. The theater’s architecture alone makes a visit worthwhile. It was originally built in 1936 as a cinema theatre and is more recently recognized as a historic-cultural monument.

Plan to stand for the majority of the live performances conducted here after seeing the magnificent foyer with its winding stairs, enormous chandeliers, and large ballroom (which is accessible for private events). It now hosts performances almost every weekend and on occasion throughout the week as a member of the AEG family. The majority of the acts are from the alternative rock genre.


Harvelle’s is a favorite live music venue in Los Angeles for blues, rock, and alternative music. It is small, dark, and handsome. This Santa Monica institution has been in operation since 1931. When it first opened, it was a gloomy, smoke-filled dive. The venue’s stunning black-and-white design exudes a retro-cool atmosphere, and the stage is highlighted by the deep-red curtain background.

You might want to arrive early to ensure a seat because the venue can get packed to the rafters when big bands perform there. You’re likely to hear something spectacular at Harvelle’s, whether you favor the avant-garde sounds of contemporary rock players or more classic riffs from some of the greatest blues musicians now active.

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