7 Reasons Why SSN Verification Is Important

7 Reasons Why SSN Verification Is Important

You need an employee desperately, but you’re afraid of falling into the trap that many business owners have fallen into employing people without doing background checks. How do you ensure that you’re hiring a trustworthy or honest person? How do you verify that this person is who he says he is? With just the name and date of birth, there are so many details about people you may never get, as people can easily change those. But with a social security number, it’s almost impossible for a person to hide.

Verifying the identity of people is one of the most important security steps you can take to protect yourself, your investments, and your family. If there’s a way to know the social security records of employees against official data, you’ll take it. That’s what the SSN Verification is all about. As an employer, you can give the proper credit to the earning records of your employees. But it is not just employers that use the SSN Verification system.

Third parties and business owners also use Social Security Number Verification System to verify their customers and clients. We’ll look at why this process is essential and how you can easily go about it, but first, let’s look at the social security number itself. What is it, how does it work, and why is it important?

7 Reasons Why SSN Verification Is Important

What is the Social Security Number SSN?

The social security number, SSN, is a nine-digit number assigned to residents and citizens of the United States. It is used to easily track earnings and determine the benefits they get from the government. Even though those are the two primary reasons for issuing the SSN, it has become a primary means of verifying people’s identities and is extremely useful for tax purposes.

Before the ssn verification api services came into effect, only basic details like age, sex, and address were used to track and verify people. Married women could hardly be successfully vetted by their maiden names, and many people could even identify as genders other than what they’re known at birth. But the social security number doesn’t change (although fraudsters can steal it!) 

This makes the SSN a handy tool for those that need to verify people before entrusting them with things of value. To this end, the U.S. Social Security Administration has provided a service that allows individuals to verify their SSNs of people, especially employees. If you’re an employer and want to run a check on your employees, you can use this system to check for multiple persons. 

Let’s look at seven reasons why this verification is essential.

1. It verifies the true identity of the bearer

As an employee, the SSN is unique to individuals. The good news about SSN verification is that you can quickly know if a person is who he claims he is. If a person applies for a stolen identity, the verification process makes it very easy to find out all the details, including the identity of the real owner of the number.

2. It gives a hint on where to look out for in criminal background checks

If you want to run a perfect criminal background, at least you want to know where to look, and SSN verification helps with this. Since you know where this person(s) lived before, you can check for criminal records in those areas.

3. It shows if the number is still active

Even on stolen identities, when a social security number becomes inactive, it is revealed during verification. Sometimes, the number may be stolen from someone who isn’t alive. The verification would show this very quickly and save you from potential losses.

7 Reasons Why SSN Verification Is Important

4. It reveals all the names of the bearer if a change of name has occurred

Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to verify people just by their names alone. This is because many people bear the same names while others change their names frequently. For instance, verifying a married woman with her maiden name is nearly impossible; crimes committed with that name are almost unverifiable. 

But with SSN Verification, a change of name doesn’t change anything. You can know everything about a person, even if the name has changed innumerable times.

5. It reveals all previous addresses of the bearer

People may frequently move from place to place as a means of escaping from crimes. The good news about SSN verification is that it identifies how many times a person has moved if addresses have changed. This is greatly helpful in further revealing a person’s identity.

6. It provide’s the most detailed information about a person

For people who want to know virtually everything about a person, SSN verification gives you the opportunity. The most detailed information you can ever get about anyone is all available via the SSN and the verification program. All the essential information is stored in one place and can be easily accessed.

7. It supplies information from a trusted source

The government takes data seriously, and the SSN is one of the essential data you can assess from the government. Since the government also uses the SSN, you can be sure that the data will always be safe and reliable. Even if the information is stolen, specific steps can be taken to retrieve it.


Without background checks, we’ll mistake devils for angels. So many businesses have been ruined because employees with criminal pasts couldn’t be adequately verified. But with the SSN verification system, it is almost impossible to lie successfully. Using the U.S. Social Security Administration service, you can verify the SSNs of as many employees as possible.

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