8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins Compared (Easy and Fast)

wordpress migration

Relocating your WordPress site to another web has incorporated totally moving an old site to another one, there is dependably an immense gamble when managed with no expert information. 

Your site can bring about personal time, information misfortune, or some other presentation issues on the off chance that you are new to the WordPress relocation process. 

Thusly, it is essential to be aware of various techniques to get movement. This article will discuss the best WordPress relocation modules to securely move your site information base, documents, modules, subjects, and every one of the assets without stressing over personal time or even web search tool rankings.

Luckily, WordPress is a really flexible stage that upholds numerous modules that can take care of you. To make things simpler for you, you’ll have to find support from relocating modules to deal with the exchange without any problem.

WHAT IS WordPress Migration?

Movement is characterized as the course of migration of a WordPress establishment including its parts starting with one server and then onto the next without influencing its usefulness. 

The WordPress movement includes moving two basic parts of a site i.e., Files and Databases.

Movement can happen between:

  • Localhost WordPress site to live server
  • Changing the current facilitating specialist co-op to an alternate host
  • Moving site data set starting with one area then onto the next
  • Moving site from a subdomain to an alternate index

1. Across the board WordPress MIGRATION

Across the board, WP Migration is a simple to-utilize yet strong WordPress theme relocation module to assist you with moving your WordPress site to another server or area name. 

It can deal with a wide range of movements including the exchange of the two information bases and documents. This module is very much intended to work proficiently on all facilitating suppliers.

The sending out and bringing in of the multitude of information can be performed in 3 seconds or less. Regardless of what your host limitations are, All in One WP Migration can flawlessly move your site staying away from all the transferring limitations. 

On the off chance that your host confines transfer to a specific max, the module would in any case permit moving your whole site straightforwardly into WordPress.

You can likewise find new area names utilizing this module to change your name. The free form of the module upholds moving destinations up to 512 MB in size. 

In any case, in the event that the size of your size is bigger, you’ll have to pick the top-notch rendition which permits you a limitless size limit.

The uplifting news is, that All in One WP Migration is free for WordPress relocation. Then again, the exceptional adaptation of the module gives you extra expansions to assist you with relocating your site to distributed storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.


Duplicator is known for its adaptability and flexibility which makes it one of the most amazing WordPress movement modules on the lookout. 

Besides the fact that it helps in standard relocations, it can likewise deal with cloning your site to another space name and setting up arranging variants of your site. Or just make a reinforcement of your site for information misfortune security.

Duplicator works by making a bundle in view of your ongoing WordPress site. This bundle contains your current site with an installer record to assist you with moving your information base to its new area. 

The free form of Duplicator can oversee little to medium locales. However, in the event that you have an enormous site. The star rendition would be best for you to deal with huge locales. 

Besides, the expert variant will likewise accompany extra highlights at convenience like programmed reinforcements.



Updraft Plus is one of the most incredible WordPress reinforcement modules which accompanies WordPress Migration highlights. 

The module permits joining with distributed storage stages like Dropbox, amazon web administrations, and google drive.

In any case, you don’t get relocation highlights in the free variant. To clone and move your site, you really want to pay $30 for the Updraft Migrator add-on that adds simple relocation and cloning highlights. 

With the joined assistance of both the modules, make your WordPress relocation effective. To start with, reclaim up from updraft also, and move to utilize the updraft migrator module. 

In the event that you’re simply moving hosts without changing the URLs, you can totally finish the updraft in addition to the free adaptation. In the event of evolving URLs, you’ll be paid Migrator to add on.

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4. Move GURU

Move master in one of the quickest answers for the WordPress relocation. This module upholds multisite networks with a size adaptable up to 200 GB. 

It is well versed in relocating sites to another host or server and pretty much every web have upholds the module. 

Notwithstanding, you get no elements for sponsorship up your site which as a rule is the piece of Migration instruments. 

With single tick incorporation, relocate master makes it simpler and quicker than other modules to move destinations to different servers.


WP Migrate DP is one more expert WordPress relocation module intended to make it simpler for trading and movement of information. 

The module permits you to send out the WordPress information base into a SQL record and import it into the new server by means of phpMyAdmin.

With regards to usefulness and point of interaction, utilizing a relocation solution is straightforward. You can trade your site data set as SQL to your neighborhood server and afterward import it back to a live site after relocation. 

Customarily, relocating information accompanies an incredible gamble of information defilement. Accordingly, WP moves DB and replaces the document way and URLs while handling relocation. This lessens the gamble of information debasement.


The fly load offers a WordPress suite with a scope of highlights and addons to effectively deal with your WordPress. 

Among many highlights like security examines, content conveyance organization, and virtual entertainment computerization, you get a total reinforcement arrangement. 

Jetpack reinforcements permit you to handily reestablish your WordPress reinforcements and move your site to new servers.


Reinforcement mate is one more well-known name in the relocation and reinforcement modules which likewise accompanies the elements to oversee WordPress reinforcements, reestablish documents, and move them to a totally new area. 

Reinforcement pal effectively backs up and safeguards your site documents. By coordinating Import Buddy, you can guarantee that every one of your documents is reestablished on a similar site or relocated somewhere else.

With a one-step process, you can likewise change the space and supplant URLs. The module accompanies devoted movement highlights to assist you with changing hosts and servers in the blink of an eye. 

What’s more, there is likewise cloning for engineers and an instrument to pull and push information to and from organizing locales.


Bluehost is a notable facilitating specialist organization for organizations on the lookout. They are one of the most solid WordPress facilitating suppliers trusted by a great many cheerful clients. 

If you have any desire to move your WordPress site to Bluehost, then Bluehost Migrator is the module to take care of you.

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