8 Tips to Help Someone Overcome Addiction

If you have a loved one going through addiction, they will likely get over it when they are ready. However, you can support these people through the journey to overcome addiction. Even though there’s little you can do to help, there are measures you can take for them to feel motivated to stop the behavior. Here are eight tips that can help you support someone overcoming addiction.

1. Let them Know You are Available for Them

You must let your loved one know you are willing to help them. Although you may not know how best to do it, find a friendly way to approach the matter. Make sure they understand your concern regarding their addiction problem. That will make it easy for them to embrace the recovery process.

2. Provide them With a Comfortable Space to Talk

Many individuals get into substance or alcohol abuse because of depression and anxiety. You need to know that your loved one may have a mental problem that makes them take alcohol or other substances. When talking to them, avoid blaming them for the bad behavior because they may not know if they have depression or anxiety. It would be best to calmly ask them if they know something that could be triggering their behavior. Whatever they say will guide you on what step to take.

8 Tips to Help Someone Overcome Addiction

3. Please Don’t Give Them Some Conditions

Addicts choose to go back to their substance or alcohol abuse than other options you may provide them, making them more frustrated and stressed. It would be best to offer some advice instead of warnings. You may also convince your loved one to seek help from addiction experts or go to rehab. Ask for recommendations from the best addiction professionals and rehabs in your area, and choose one for your loved one.

4. Don’t Shame or Judge the Addict

Shaming and openly judging an addict will only make things worse. The person will not see the need to change their ways, and instead, they will continue with their behavior, hoping to feel better.

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5. Look for People who Overcame Addiction to Share their Story

If you know someone who survived an addiction similar to that of your loved one, request them to share their recovery journey. They may be the best people to speak to your loved one, because of the experience, than one who hasn’t walked the addiction journey.

6. Find Some Helpful Resources

Your loved one will find it easier to start the recovery path if they get a starting point. Look online for helpful resources and treatment programs for the individual. Since recovery may be quite challenging, it would be best to know where to start. You can show care and concern for your loved one by making things easier for them.

7. Keep Your Loved one Away from People drinking Alcohol and other Substances

One of the ways to help your loved one avoid falling back into their addiction is keeping them away from what brought it. Keep them off from individuals abusing alcohol or different substances that bring the addiction. That will make them embrace your concerns and keep them from the temptations of going back to their old ways.

8. Continue Supporting Your Loved one

Show some care and concern to your loved one throughout their recovery process. Spend time with the patients during treatment and support group sessions. Find out as much as possible concerning alcohol addiction and support your loved one through the period. Then, use the information to support your loved one during the recovery.


If you want to help a loved one overcome addiction, having the right information and resources will make it easier for you and them. The above tips will guide you on how best to support them during recovery.

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