Addiction can be a source of trouble

Addiction can be a source of trouble

One of the biggest problems in our society is that the majority of individuals we believe to offer addiction treatment are either unqualified or not certified. The most prevalent group is those with no formal experience in human psychology or medical science however they are employed by unscrupulous organizations purely because they’ve experienced addiction themselves “recovering addicts”.

The fact that they have stopped their addiction is a huge benefit for them and they ought to be proud of their accomplishment. It is a training and supervising analyst emeritus at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and rehab centers near me was recently dismissed as an assistant professor of psychotherapy at Harvard Medical School.

He is currently an instructor at the New Center for Psychoanalysis (Los Angeles). He has served as in charge of the treatment for substance abuse section of Harvard’s McLean Hospital, as Director of the Alcoholism Treatment Unit at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (now part of Massachusetts General Hospital), and as Director of the Boston Center for Problem Gambling.

Addiction can be a source of trouble

Treatment Unit at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

But it isn’t the same as a certificate to provide treatment to anyone else. Of course, individuals with a history of addiction are able to provide treatment provided that they have put in their time and effort to earn a qualification. In the field of addiction, this means that they have completed the requirements for professional degrees that focus on the issue.

This could include a medical degree that has the psychiatry specialty or a psychology degree at the doctoral or master’s level as well as an education in the field of social work or a diploma in mental or family counseling or nursing.

Treatment for addiction as people with no education. 

Each of them is a legitimate certificate that permits the individual to be referred to as a professional and treat patients. However, the only designation one should be cautious about can be “addiction counselor”. Because there is a possibility that those with this title will provide only “Twelve Step Facilitation” therapy (TSF for short) which is merely an invitation for people to sign up alcohol rehab near me.

And AAA is not any superior to the 12-step meetings with a success rate of between five and eight percent. If a counselor only knows TSF then he or she must be avoided by more than 90% of people that will never be able to benefit from the AA model.

However, it should be acknowledged that many of the professionals with a high level of credentials above aren’t as aware of the psychological aspects and treatment for addiction as people with no education.

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