Always Green Landscaping Partners With TruGreen

Always Green Landscaping is a company that has partnered with TruGreen to provide environmentally friendly lawn care and landscaping. Their partnership with TruGreen is a step in the right direction for homeowners and business owners. Environmentally friendly landscaping is becoming more important than ever. It’s time to stop paying inflated prices for landscaping and lawn care services and start thinking green.

Always Green Landscaping has partnered with TruGreen

Always Green Landscaping has announced a partnership with TruGreen. The partnership will enable both companies to provide customers with lawn care services, including fertilizing, weed control, and mosquito control. Customers can also choose to include a perimeter pest control program and tree and shrub care in their package. In addition, BG will provide ongoing leadership on national marketing initiatives and integrated services.

Along with partnering with local businesses, Always Green Landscaping has also partnered with the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful, which is committed to beautification and community improvement. The nonprofit’s partnership with TruGreen aims to reduce community blight while increasing access to green spaces. In 2016, the nonprofit launched two pilot projects focused on beautification in Lansing, Michigan, and Gary, Indiana. Through these projects, both companies worked with local community leaders to revitalize public gathering spaces and create public orchards.

TruGreen is a lawn care company that has been in business for 40 years. Its leadership team is comprised of industry veterans, including Mike Goodrich and Dana Irwin. The company was founded by Joe Kucik, a local businessman and former CEO of Real Green Systems. The company also works with Huron Operating Partner David Alexander, who previously served as the CEO of TruGreen.

Customers can get customized quotes online for a lawn care service through TruGreen’s website. To get an accurate quote, customers fill out an online form that asks questions about the condition of their lawn goals. They are then taken to an aerial map tool that measures the area of their property. Once they are satisfied with the quote, they can pay through a credit card or even set up a payment plan.

Pricing for TruGreen services

Pricing for TruGreen services varies by region and the size of a customer’s lawn. Larger lawns require more time and products than smaller ones. Healthy lawns won’t need many treatments, while damaged lawns require more extensive work. Prices will be higher if the service includes more bells and whistles.

Customers can also choose a la carte services, including fertilization and weed control. TruGreen has a Healthy Lawn Guarantee (R), which means that if the homeowner is not happy with their lawn, TruGreen will send a technician to fix it. Customers can also opt to have certain services performed on a one-time basis, such as soil amendment to help balance the pH level of the soil.

Environmentally friendly lawn care

Keeping a green lawn means avoiding harmful chemicals. By using organic materials, you can improve the quality of your soil and avoid polluting our air and water. Organic products also break down quickly, making them safer for the environment. Many organic products do not pollute runoff, and they are nontoxic to humans and animals. Most of them also don’t harm aquatic life.

Another way to make your lawn eco-friendly is to add mulch. This will reduce weeds and soil-borne pathogens. Additionally, it will help your lawn retain moisture and prevent erosion. Another way to get eco-friendly landscaping is by using native plants. Native plants are naturalized to your area and can help protect your lawn from severe weather.

The impact of lawns can be surprising, but that doesn’t mean we should ban them. If done right, lawns can help the planet while creating opportunities for biodiversity, water conservation, and community awareness. First, we should understand our soil. A proper soil test can tell us about the fertility of our soil. It will also tell us about its structure and composition.

Efficient irrigation system

Lastly, installing an efficient irrigation system can minimize water waste. We recommend using sprinkler gauges and inspecting your irrigation system regularly to find leaks and unnecessary watering. Another option is to install a drip irrigation system that delivers water directly to the roots of your plants. This will help to conserve moisture and prevent weeds.

Organic fertilizers are a great way to improve soil quality. These fertilizers contain nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These elements are essential for the growth of plants and promote root development. Using organic fertilizers will also improve the texture of the soil. Using compost can also reduce the costs of fertilizers.

Organic lawn care

Organic lawn care is a great way to keep your lawn beautiful. It can also protect your lawn from harmful pesticides. It’s also a way to maintain a healthier lifestyle. By avoiding harmful chemicals, you’ll be supporting the growth of your lawn while simultaneously improving the health of your family.

Choosing an eco-friendly landscape is not a difficult choice. The first step is to reduce your solid waste. Creating compost piles for your yard waste is a simple way to improve the fertility of your lawn or garden. You can also avoid bagging your lawn clippings because they’ll add nutrients to the soil. By recycling garden flats and plastic garden containers, you’ll also reduce your need for mulch. And lastly, share gardening tools with neighbors.

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