Amazing RG Hi-Nu Gundam Kit Loaded With His Rifle, Bazooka & Shield

Amazing RG Hi-Nu Gundam Kit Loaded With His Rifle, Bazooka & Shield

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Gundam model kits were developed depicting characters of the fictional multiverse. The kits were common among the mecha anime fans. Since the 1980s, Gundam kits have experienced a tremendous revolution which led to the development of species such as; the Mega Size Model RX-78-2 Gundam kit, Real Grade (RG) line, Entry Grade (EG) line, Advanced Grade (AG) line, and MG RX-78-2 Gundam ver. 

Gundam models were introduced through major television films, videos, and manga. The RG HI-NU Gundam was developed and released during its 30th anniversary. It became a unique and special model kit due to its advanced design and ammunition.  Its design was an update of the previous Gundam models. 

One of the most remarkable features of the RG HI-NU Gundam model is the set of six all-range weapons on its back. These weapons were not only used for attacking but also for defense. This made it a perfect Gundam model with a full-spec Newtype-use mobile suit. 

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Who Is RG HI-NU Gundam Kit?

RG is an acronym for the Real Grade. As mentioned earlier, the rg hi nu gundam kit was developed as part of the Gundam 30th anniversary celebration project. It consisted of Mobile suits derived from both the alternate centuries and the Universal century.

The design of RG HI-NU Gundam kits combines the best features of three Gunpla lines; the advanced inner frame technology derived from Master Grade, the small size and cost-effectiveness from the High Grade, and the big part count and details from The Perfect Grade.  Additionally, the RG HI-NU Gundam kit has the unique feature of the Psycommu system.

Initially, the system was only used to control the mechanism of the Fin Funnels. However, after a few advancements in the Psycho-Frame technology, it enhanced the kit’s responsiveness through brainwave controls.  The RG HI-NU Gundam kit is also known for its well-developed MS Joint, developed using a dual molding method with PP and ABS plastics.  


Amazing RG Hi-Nu Gundam Kit Loaded With His Rifle, Bazooka & Shield

Fin Funnel

The RG HI-Nu Gundam kit carries six fin funnels. They are designed with a wing-like formation and are mounted on backpack racks. This is the most impressive and dangerous weapon of the RG HI-Nu Gundam kit. It can be used to attack a single enemy or multiple enemies. Some of the outstanding features of this weapon include; the triple block structure that facilitates the AMBAC Movements and the built-in miniature generators, among others.

Besides, the fin funnels have the highest performance abilities compared to other mobile suit-use remote weapons. It is also used for defense. During attacks, the fin funnels automatically arrange themselves into a geometric formation to create a barrier against any attack. Amazingly, the fin funnels can be recharged while still attached to the funnel racks. 

Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher

This is the most potent weapon in RG HI-NU Gundam. It derives its power from the Ra Cailum’s engine using an energy cable and can destroy battleships with a single shot. When not in use, Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher is mounted on the Ra Cailum. 

Vulcan Gun

The Vulcan gun is perfect for attacking small and lightly armored targets such as small vehicles and missiles, among others. It is mounted on the head of the RG HI-Nu Gundam kit, enhancing its attack capabilities. Though it has little power, it also has a high rate of fire. 

Machine Gun/ Beam Gatling Gun 

Depending on the design, the RG HI-Nu Gundam is armored with either a beam Gatling gun that can emit a beam saber or a machine gun. The machine gun is very effective in barring enemy movements and has a wide field of fire since it is located in the forearm.  

Beam Saber

The RG HI-NU Gundam is equipped with three beam sabers for close attacks. Two are stored in the Fin Funnel racks at the back, while one is stored in the left arm. The later beam saber serves as spare ammunition and is a standard type. The other two in the fin funnel racks are of custom type and are used to emit a second beam blade from the hilt. 

Beam Rifle

A Beam rifle is the primary weapon for the RG HI-NU Gundam kits. The output of this weapon is variable; when used to the maximum, it can rival large and deadly weapons. The beam rifle can also be used as a beam machine gun. 

New Hyper Bazooka

The New Hyper Bazooka is a modified version of the Earth Federation’s hyper bazooka. It is one of the best weapons in RG HI-NU Gundam, with a caliber of 280mm, an improved firing range, and destructive power. 


The shield is designed to block any beam and physical attacks. This RG HI-NU Gundam’s shield is emblazoned with Amuro’s emblem. It is also designed with four missiles and 7.8 MW beam cannon. 

Special Equipment 

Propellant/Thruster Unit

RG HI-NU Gundam is equipped with a propellant tank. It comes with several vernier thrusters at the sides and a pair of them attached to the bottom of the backpack. The propellant tanks have similar functions as the Principality of Zeon’s Sturm booster. It allows the equipped mobile suit to move speedily without affecting the propellant. Once the propellant is used up, the thruster units are discarded.   


The psycho-frame material was created from tiny Psycommu computer chips forged into the mobile suit frame at the molecular level. It was then installed around the RG HI-NU Gundam’s cockpit, which enabled it to have a quick and sharper response against all-range weapons such as funnels. It can also induce the pilot’s mind to be more aggressive and fiercer. 

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Wrapping Up 

The RG HI-NU Gundam kit remains the best and most powerful Gundam model. Considering its design, weapons, shield, and special equipment, the RG HI-NU Gundam can withstand any attack while at the same time fiercely attacking the opponents.  Additionally, it is well-designed to allow easy mobility and control.

Some features can also be automatically activated, making attack and defense easy. The RG HI-NU Gundam models have been used in popular television films, movies, and video games. 



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