7 Beauty Products to Make Your Life Easier

beauty products

We know how hard we work to look good. If only there was a way to make life easier when we’re doing our best to keep healthy skin, hair, and teeth.

Lucky for you, some products do just that. We’ve rounded up seven beauty products that you can put to use in your beauty routine that will cut the time and effort it takes to look your best.


Colored Multi Balm

If you are in a hurry or on the road, this one beauty product can do the work of three. When applying makeup, we usually choose a product for our eyes, one for our cheeks, and one for our lips.

A rosy-colored multi-balm can be used for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. The trick is to find a multi-balm with a color that is just a little bit of tint that matches your skin tone.

With this one product, you can achieve the new trending “no-makeup” look.  Just a little dab here and a little dab there and you’ll look as fresh as a daisy!


Blemish Treatment and Concealer

When a pimple pops up on your forehead, your first reaction is usually to cover it up, especially if you have to face people. Your mentality is that you can treat it at night when you go to bed.

What if there is a concealer and blemish treatment in one? Well, beauty fashion lifestyle, you don’t have to wonder. There is such a fantastic beauty product!

You don’t have to worry about doing more damage to your skin with these acne concealers.

We know how hard we work to look good. If only there was a way to make life easier when we’re doing our best to keep healthy skin, hair, and teeth.

Eye, Lip, and Brow Pencil

Here’s another example of one product that can be used in multiple ways. When going for the natural look, you can use the same colored pencil for multiple facial features.

With an eye, lip, and brow pencil, you won’t need to worry about finding the perfect shade for each. Just pick a color that is a tint darker than your natural color and you’ll have the perfect match.

You can line your eyes, outline your lips, and define your brows without switching beauty products. No mess, no fuss.


Dry Shampoo

When you’re in between hair washing days, but you feel like your hair still needs a little TLC, dry shampoo is a lifesaver.

Simply spray your hair near the scalp and wherever you feel like it needs a little sprucing up and then massage it in with your fingers until the white disappears.

This magical potion will absorb much of the oil in your hair. After you brush it out, you’ll also notice that your hair has more volume!

Dingy, flat hair is gone!

Dry shampoo works well for people with different hair types – be it greasy hair, natural hair, or curly hair.

Note that dry shampoo doesn’t work as a replacement for washing your hair. Don’t overuse it, as it can result in an itchy, dry scalp. Experts suggest not applying dry shampoo on your scalp for more than 2 consecutive days.


One-Step Hair Dryer

To achieve the perfect blowout, just-left-the-salon hairstyle, it takes hours. Who has that kind of time?

You can get close by using this nifty tool that cuts your blowout time in half. This hair dryer is a round brush and hair dryer in one.

Instead of having to use both hands (and feeling the burn in your arms from holding them up that long), you simply use one hand and brush your hair in slow motion.

The brush will ensure that you won’t have any frizzies and that your hair will be styled in the way you prefer, while the air dries your hair.


All Over Face Palettes

It can be difficult to find the perfect palette. You can read reviews all over the web, like this one from Nue Glow, and still feel uncertain about which you should purchase.

We suggest you find a palette that takes care of the whole face. These face palettes make it easier to apply your makeup in the morning without having to handle various beauty products.

Face palettes can include eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lip tints, and even brow gel.

Let’s be real; our vanities can look like a tornado that went through our makeup stash after we’re ready in the morning. Keep it simple with an all-over face palette.


Do-It-All Face Serum

When it comes to serums, you have those that tighten, those that nourish, those that brighten…and then you have the ones that do it all!

Don’t mess with serums that are only one-dimensional. Find a serum that cares for all your face needs like Mamonde’s serum that delivers several vitamins deep into our pores.

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By all means, don’t cut out your beauty routine, just do it smarter with these beauty products that make your life easier.

Because we all appreciate cutting out the complications, right?


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