Best Way to Migrate the WordPress Site from One Host to Another?

Normally, Migrating a WordPress site from one hosting provider to another is quite a stressful attribute. WordPress is one of the widely used platforms for its massive features along with functionality. Following the step-by-step guide is helpful for getting the migration aspects.  Migrating a WordPress website from 1 host to another is helpful for you to easily gain more benefits. The process is quite straightforward and assures giving you the complete facility to gain a better performance level. Migrating a site is quite a complex task, and it could take a few hours. Migrating the website to a new host always makes it quite difficult.

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Need FOR Migrating The WordPress Site:

Migrating the WordPress site to a new host is quite an important step that you need to repeat every time. These are practically suitable options for your website to gain more features and functionality to high excellence. There is a wide number of attributes that you need to consider, including the seamless migration of your WordPress website. These make it a completely suitable process as the little less stressful to the high excellence. Below are some of the most important option that is suitable for easily migrating the WordPress website from one hosting provider to another.

Making The Host WordPress Site Migration For The Website:

Migrate A WordPress Site with the help of the host is the first option. It is one of the easier ways for you to get the complete attribute resolution. Mainly, this feature also lets to easily host the provider that you are migrating into. Highly managed WordPress hosting providers are also ready to provide you with completely free migration. These are also included with the plugin for installing the site. They are an especially suitable option for performing the migration. Top companies also provide you with the DIY plugin. It is a suitable option for making the best migration. You can also avail the professional for getting a complete service.

Migrating Your WordPress Site Manually:

Normally, Migrating the WordPress website is not a difficult task. When you are looking for making it manually, then you are required to have the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) along with modifying the files in the backend of the site. They are also a suitable option for accessing the database accordingly. Even though the process sounds quite complex, it is quite a simple option for you to get better benefits within a short time.

Step 1: Choose New WordPress Host:

When you are researching a better way for migrating the website, then you can easily leave the current host and switch to another. When you are shopping for a new WordPress website, then you are required to know the important factors. There are various kinds of hosting available that you can easily choose from.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – Virtual Private Server involves the virtual partitions in the shared server. Your site will be dedicated to resources.
  • Shared – The Shared host also has a wide number of websites sharing the same resources. They are also a budget-friendly option.
  • Dedicated – Dedicated plan involves getting the physical server that houses as well as supports the website.
  • Managed – Hosting plan is easily managed. the hosting provider has been managing the technical task like updates and backups

Choose the best option which is suitable for your website. When you are looking for assessing the main priorities, then you can easily consider the important elements such as

  • Data Storage
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Speed

Step 2: Back-Up Site Files

The main thing that you need to do is make a copy of all the files on the website. You can easily use the FTP tool for the process. Connecting the site’s server through the FTP lets you to easily navigate the WordPress root folder. These contain the important files off-site, and they are called www or public_html

Step 3: Back-Up WordPress Database

Copy all the website’s files and create the backup feature. It is a place where all the information about the user, website, and many others are equipped.

Step 4: Export WordPress Database

Choose your site’s database from a wide list of left so you can easily navigate the Export tab with the Top Menu. Now you can easily select the “Quick” option under the Export Method. The process automatically downloads the site’s database with .sql format.

Step 5: Create New SQL Database

Create the new database on the web host that you’re moving to, Go to the Databases section in cPanel. Now you can easily select the MySQL Databases option. It is easier to create a new database by adding the user from the same tab.

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