Butlin’s Christmas 2022 – What is Waiting for You?

What is going to be so special about Christmas this year? Butlin’s resorts, of course; all three resorts – Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness – will be illuminated more than ever with over 140,000 lights offering perfect photo shoot opportunities to all the guests enjoying magical displays, twinkling Christmas trees, and glittering walkways. 

Guests full of festive spirits will certainly enjoy the sparkly Christmas with more lighting on resorts than ever. Starting on 28 November 2022 and ending on 2 January 2023, this festivity will take away all the sorrows from your heart and leave a beautiful smile on your lips. Be a part of this celebration with your whole family and enjoy different cuisines and festive shows perfect for your children. 

Butlin’s Christmas 2022 – What are the details?

Here are the details about the accommodation, food and drinks and live shows. 


You can book rooms, apartments or hotels depending on your budget. You will get a nautical experience at this resort by feeling home-like comfort. Do not worry about beverages because tea and coffee will be provided to you. The housekeeping team will be equipped with PPE, so even your little ones do not need to worry about their health. 

Silver room facilities:

  • Beds available for 2, 4 and 6 people
  • Bathroom with shower but without towels

Standard apartments

  • 4, 5 and 6 people can sleep
  • Kitchen, dining and lounge
  • Bathtub facility but without towels

Silver apartments

  • Beds for 4 and 6 people
  • Bathroom with shower but no towels
  • Kitchen, dining and lounge area

New style silver apartments also have the same kind of facilities. 

Butlin’s Christmas 2022 – What is Waiting for You?

Gold and seaside apartments

  • Beds for 4 and 6 people
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Kitchen, dining and lounge area
  • Optional patio or balcony
  • Towels are included

Deluxe suits

  • Accommodate only two people
  • Both shower and bath
  • Lounge area
  • Patio
  • Towels are provided

Deluxe Lodge

  • Accommodate 6 people
  • Both shower and bath with towels
  • Kitchen, dining and lounge area
  • Sea view patio

Shoreline hotel rooms

  • Beds for four people
  • Shower and bath with towels
  • Children’s bunk cabin
  • Optional patio or balcony

Ocean hotel rooms

  • Sleeping facility for 2 and 4 people
  • Shower + bath + towels
  • Children’s twin room
  • Balcony and sea view option

Butlin’s Christmas 2022 – What is Waiting for You?

Wave hotel rooms

  • Interconnecting beds for 4 and 8 people
  • Bath and shower plus towels
  • Children’s bunk cabin
  • Balcony option

Wave hotel apartments

  • 4 and 6 people can sleep
  • Shower and bath with towels
  • Kitchen, dining, and lounge area
  • Balcony

Whatever the accommodation you choose at any resort, prices may vary depending on the facilities provided. In case you do not have enough money to pay for it right away, you can take out no guarantor loans from a direct lender

Food and drinks

Dining at Butlin’s is going to be great fun. Incredible variety at affordable prices is the center of attraction. Pick what you fancy every day. Just dive into the savory spirit of a large, fantastic, and appealing buffet. 

Dining plans are also available for you. The day starts with breakfast champs, English fry-ups, and fresh fruits, with bottomless juices and frothy coffee to charge you up for the whole day. For your kids, a lot of choices are there. 

Home-cooked meals will keep you happy every day, with no concerns about the quality and your health. Are you looking for vegetarian and vegan options? Do not worry, as you will get a variety of dishes. Butlin’s is going to be a feast for vegetarians and vegans as well with world food flavors and desserts. 

There are four types of dining options Dinner Around, Premium Dining, Hotel Dining, and Food Court Dining, not to mention. The prices will vary as you are going to get an extremely different dining experience. If you are worried about a budget, you can take out loans for Christmas. You can go to Butlin’s website to see what is included in all dining plans for adults as well as children. 

Butlin’s Christmas 2022 – What is Waiting for You?


You are going to be thrilled with entertaining nights at Butlin’s, appropriate for all adults and children. The nights spent at Butlin’s will be indelible. Here are the highlights:

  • Father Christmas Show

The carnival is incomplete without the presence of Father Christmas. On-stage live performances with music and magic will enthral the whole of your family. The best show for children 8 and under, and if you do not want to attend the show, including those between the ages of 9 and 14, collect gifts by pre-booking the slot through the app to Gift Collection Point. Entries are not permitted if not pre-booked. 

  • The Skyline Gang – Christmas Goes Pop

Are you a party creature? If so, this will be the best event of the festivity, exclusively on Butlin’s 2022. Featuring the live shows “I wish it could be everyday Christmas” and “Merry Christmas Everyone” with singing, dancing and jokes. 

  • Silent Cinema

If you love movies, head to the Skyline Pavilion and be a part of a relaxed movie evening. Grab a box of popcorn, pick your desk and just sit down to enjoy the filmy festivity. You will be given a headphone so you can laugh out loud without worrying about who is listening. It is perfect for those who are aged 5 and over. It is available on all mid-week breaks. You can use the app to book your seat. Venues may vary depending on the resort.

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Butlin’s Christmas festival will amaze you. Hurry up before you miss out on the chance of being a part of a lot of fun. Some of the tickets are already sold out. Hurry up. Go to Butlin’s website, find information and accordingly book the resort. 

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