Comprehensive Analysis of Corporate Manslaughter

Employees or workers of any organisation are its biggest asset. People working with any organisation or corporation play a major part in its success and downfall. Considering the importance of the employees in any workplace, they should be given priority and value. Employees should be given their rights, but sadly there are organisations that do not treat their workers rightly. Not in any specific area of the world but all around the world. That is why different laws come into force to help the workers. To make people aware of these laws, experts of law essay writing services write essays about them. Among them, one act is the corporate manslaughter act.

What is Corporate Manslaughter?

This act comes into enforcement during the year 2008. Under this act, if any criminal offence of death of an employee because of work comes forward, then the court looks after the management practice and system of the organisation where they check the company’s health and safety precaution and efforts.

Corporate manslaughter refers to situations or circumstances where a business or any organisation’s gross negligence becomes the reason for any employee’s death. If something like that happens, then the criminal responsibility is held on the organisation in the light of this act. It is a criminal offence imposed on the corporation because of death related to the work. If the organisation’s management and activities become the reason behind the death of any employee, then that organisation is found guilty.

Possible punishments:

Possible punishment that an organisation may get under the circumstances if they are found guilty are:

  • The organisation must publically accept that they have been found guilty of corporate manslaughter. They can make this public announcement through newspapers or through any other means of making publicity order.
  • The court could order to take the right precautions and find the best solutions for the problem that caused the incident (death of an employee).
  • The court could impose an unlimited fine on the organisation for corporate manslaughter.

But among most cases that appeared in court for corporate manslaughter, only small companies or organisations have been found guilty and punished. No major proceeding or action was witnessed against the big giants or any worldly known large organisation. There is a chance that it is because of the fact that the management in large corporations has better planning and proper solutions for the problems. But still, this difference gives birth to a debate that has the goal of making whether the act was achieved or not?

Weak spots of corporate manslaughter:

After the law was put in force, very few cases and complaints were completely against the prediction. It is said that it happened because there were some weak spots in the act. These weak points of the act include:

  • The first thing is that there was no clear line or a fixed parameter to decide the culpability of the individual and the organisation.
  • According to the act, the organisation comes under this criminal offence when there is a flaw or failure in the management by the senior management of the organisation or the company. But what if someone junior from the management is involved in this act of crime.
  • Along with that, corporations like car companies are quite a weak spot for this act. Because in these cases, they can only ensure that the car and the driver are fit to drive on the road, but no major management activities and planning take place here.

How to make the workplace an employee’s friendly place?

But what if any situation like that does not happen. As we discussed, employees are the lifeblood of the organisation, so every organisation shout try to make the workplace inclusive for all of their workers. Any incident like that will not take place. So here are some easy and quick tips for creating an environment where all the activities are managed perfectly.

Listen to the employees:

Effective communication with all the employees is very necessary for the better management of the companies. It is very necessary for the senior management of the company to actively listen to the employees and also encourage them to share their points of view about different things and activities. Also, allow them to share their problems and issue with the management.

Learn about the employees:

It is really important to know your colleagues and employees personally. When someone knows others personally, they have an especial association with each other. Learn about their goals and views about the company. Are they happy with the organisation? Did they enjoy working, or they are facing an overload of work? So that if any circumstances like that will occur, at least the company would also have some personal information and data of the employee and their work routine.

Work together:

When there is too much workload or when there is a bigger project for the company than work together, this will not help to finish the task quickly and on time but will also bring all of you closer. And when all of the people work together on a similar goal, it creates a bond between them.

Appreciate the worker:

Employees work day and night for the success of the company, so their efforts should be appreciated and acknowledged by the company. When the management values their employees and their efforts, says thanks to them and appreciate them, then they try to work harder and more efficiently. Along with that, it encourages the workers to keep working without complaining and tiring.

Take care of employee’s health and safety:

The most important thing is to take care of your worker’s health and safety. Take all the possible precautions for the security of the employees. If possible, then grant them a health allowance so that when they are ill, they can quickly get aid. Also, there should be adequate preparation for first aid so that workers can get timely treatment in case of emergency.

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