EarnViews: Top 10 Car Channels That Are Worth To Follow On TikTok

EarnViews: Top 10 Car Channels That Are Worth To Follow On TikTok

Gone are the days TikTok is only for silly videos, dance videos, or challenges. Now, if you are on the platform, you find more about yourself. If you are a car enthusiast, you can scroll through TikTok to watch out for fascinating car models. TikTok has more car channels where you can see the lineup of car videos. Moreover, if you have a car business, you can buy tiktok likes and impress your target audience. In the articles below, we have grouped the best car channels worth following. Let’s explore and enjoy the visuals!


10 Top Car Channels On TikTok

1)Cristina Rocky


Cristina has more than 2 million followers. She drove a modified Nissan Z and filmed videos of the Ferrari showroom and other auto shows. Cristina proves that even girls are also fans of TikTok. She also took videos on renting services, the latest car models, and more information about sports cars. 



Blondie girl is the biggest fan of cars. She managed to gather 9 million subscribers and reviewed the coolest of cars and exclusive cars. She recently has a video of vehicles that swim. If you are interested in knowing about expensive cars, then follow her channel. Her videos always have surprising information for motorists. She also shares videos of beautiful landscapes, freerides, and auto racing. She is an inspiration for many young people. 

3)Daniel Mac


Daniel Mac has more than 12 million subscribers. His videos are more like a tutorial for people unaware of how to make money with cars. He shares videos about supercars. He owns the most expensive cars in his garage. His videos are pretty inspiring as he balances his living and buying expensive cars. 

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4)Tim Burton


Tim Burton has an account with the name ‘shmee150’. He drives the supercars like Senna and FordGT, like dream supercars, makes TikTok video boards on supercool cars, produce test drives, and attends various exhibitions. So if you want to buy an excellent model supercar, follow this guy on TikTok. 



The channel mad detailing has videos on the cleaning processes of cars. The videos include the concepts of how dirty the vehicles are, which can be revolutionized into new ones. If you are a car caretaker, then you must follow this channel. This TikToker shows videos on how to get rid of car dirt quickly. Within the 30-second visual, you can see the transformation of old cars into brand-new ones. 



If you need to know more about retro cars, then you are at the right place. This car channel shows videos on repairs and painting of old vehicles. He renovates the cars, gains money for his living, and holds 40,000 subscribers. If you need to succeed on the platform, you can try using EarnViews and gain more followers. 

7)Motor 1


On this Motor 1 channel, you will find videos on car novelties. The track also publishes videos from car manufacturers, car reviews, and test drives. The channel has 2000 subscribers. The channel shares car videos that are straight from the automakers. The channel videos are fantastic and make viewers share them with others. 



The channel cars are most popular among TikTok, with more than 670 million subscribers. On this channel, there are more test drives, funny car videos, reviews of the best cars, etc. Unfortunately, some racing videos are quite life-threatening to watch on TikTok. Therefore, viewers do not try all the racing videos they watch on TikTok. Just enjoy yourself on TikTok. 

9)San Antonio Repoman


His videos mainly cover the truck sneaking cars and how it is driven in tight locations. The videos are pretty worth watching. He even captures the car videos very nicely. He has 36.5 k followers and more than 411.8 k likes for his overall videos. You can follow his account to understand the car driving tricks on tricky roads. 



BngCrash channel captures and shows automobile accidents with the background music on TikTok. His videos will bring awareness of how you need not drive cars. His videos are a learning lesson. He shows the automobile accidents simulated on the computer. In addition, the channel emphasizes the amount of damage done to cars. 



We hope the article is quite informative! You can follow the abovementioned channels and relax by watching the TikTok videos. Moreover, you can also start the TikTok channel if you are interested in detailing cars. It will render you more income too. The process of creating a new channel is quite simple on TikTok. To build your community on TikTok, you can use EarnViews and boost your channel visibility worldwide. Kindly share your opinions below! Thanks for reading the article!

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