Edible Packaging Trends and Innovations: A Market Research Analysis

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Companies are looking for improvements in packaging design which will limit pollution. They have been researching with eco-friendly biodegradable packaging, BPA-free packaging, etc. Packaging is an important part of a product but it can lead to much waste when done carelessly. Packaging can advertise a product, keep items safe from external influences, increase brand awareness, and more. There are still brands that are choosing petroleum-based plastics that are not biodegradable. It is important to look for eco-friendly options such as edible boxes.

What is edible packaging?

When looking at custom edible packaging boxes, the packaging is made to be eaten. It can biodegrade efficiently. This kind of packaging is available in many forms. It is constantly being improved as well as innovated so that it can be better for the planet and the product it aims to package.

The following looks at edible packaging trends and innovations:

Types of edible boxes

There are different types of this packaging available. An example includes an ice cream cone which has ice cream in it. When a fast food chain makes a coffee cup which is of a hard cookie and it is lined with a layer of chocolate which is resistant to heat, this will also be edible. The customer will be able to eat the cup after they have drunk the coffee. Even if they decide to throw the cup away, it will be able to decompose quicker in comparison to Styrofoam and plastic.

Another type of edible boxes includes those that a packaging manufacturer makes from milk proteins. It is employed like a casein around the food products. The casein films tend to be better than plastic at making the food remain fresh and also less exposed to oxygen. These do not have starch and so are less porous moreover more effective when it comes to oxygen blocking. Casein appears like plastic. To make it stronger, some manufacturers include citrus pectin that can make it sturdier against high temperatures as well as humidity.

Generally two types of edible packaging can be found. This includes films and coatings. When looking at films, these get formed separately first. They are then applied to some food product. Coatings get formed and are applied directly to the food. These are able to be superficial coatings or even layers between compartments specifically of the same food item.

Technology of edible packaging

Due to the fact that they are food components, the edible films plus coatings often need to be tasteless so that they are not detected during the consumption of your edible-packaged food item. If edible films as well as coatings have some taste and flavor, the sensorial characteristics that they have need to be compatible with that of the food.

Components of the packaging can show shortcomings at the time that they are used individually therefore the packaging is often made with several components so that it is possible to combine every component’s complementary functional properties so limiting their disadvantages.

Often, the creation of edible films along with coatings which behave like edible packaging occurs after solubilization, dispersion, or even emulsification of some film-forming polymer within a solvent. This is then put directly on food or specifically support with the evaporation of the solvent.

The technology for custom edible packaging boxes has advanced and is continuing to advance so that the packaging can become popular.

Packaging can meet customer expectations

Brands choose this type of packaging because it supports customer expectations towards wanting to make sustainable packaging. There has been a global shift towards wanting to use green packaging. Some customers are even criticizing brands to make sure that they follow sustainable practices.

Edible boxes are able to help out here. There is zero waste that will occur with this kind of packaging. It is natural and biodegradable and can help a brand show people that it is willing to help the environment out by limiting waste. It is possible to get a loyal customer base like this.

Diverse nature of the packaging

Edible packaging can be said to be multipurpose, allowing it to be of much value. There are many interesting innovations coming out so that this packaging can be a popular part of the packaging industry.

With the many developments occurring in creating various types of packaging, there are many options present in the market so that you can make something unique which will stand out.

Edible boxes seem exciting to people and this can draw them to want to try out the product. There are many innovations occurring in these which are helping to make the packaging be one suitable for some brands. It is important for a company to check out the options and see if this type of packaging is suitable for what they are selling.

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