Determine Auto Transport Prices

Factors That Determine Auto Transport Prices

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When you need to move your car, some factors can affect the price you pay. These factors include whether or not you must have your vehicle transported in an enclosed or open truck. There is also the matter of insurance.

Cost Per Mile

When it comes to calculating the cost of shipping your car, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. The most important is the cost per mile. There are three easy steps you can follow to calculate this number.

First, you need to find a shipping carrier. Once you’ve found a company, it’s time to figure out what they will charge you. Keep in mind that shipping a car will also depend on the size and weight of the vehicle. A bigger, heavier car will have a higher price tag.

The distance between your pick-up and delivery sites must also be calculated, particularly Arizona to New York auto transport. The cost will be much higher if your move is more than 500 miles. You can save money by planning your pick-up and delivery close to a significant interstate exit.

Third, you want to consider the time of year. During the summer months, there is high demand for car transport services. This causes higher prices during these times of the year.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations

When you need to move your car, a number of factors will determine how much you will pay for auto transport. The most common factors are location, time of year, and type of transport.

If you live in an urban area, you will find that vehicle shipping is more affordable than in a rural location. However, long-distance moves can be more expensive. You can save money by driving your car to your destination instead.

In addition to distance, the size of your vehicle will also affect your shipping costs. Generally, bigger cars are more expensive to ship. On the other hand, standard sedans are cheaper to ship. Also, consider enclosed auto transport to protect your car from the weather. To reduce costs, you should compare multiple quotes. This is the best way to find low auto shipping prices.

 Auto Transport

Enclosed Vs. Open Shipping

Choosing between open and enclosed shipping is a decision that should be made with care. Each method offers its advantages, but the final decision may come down to time and cost. To make a choice, get quotes from several car shipping companies.

The most common type of vehicle shipping is open transport. In this method, a company hauls your car on a multi-car trailer. This can transport any car, from a standard model to a custom or vintage car.

Open transport is a cheaper option. This is because you do not need to pay as much for a trailer as you do with an enclosed one. It also offers reasonable protection, as the car will be out of the elements.

Enclosed carriers, on the other hand, provide a higher level of vehicle security, although they are also more expensive. However, the best part of this method is that it protects your vehicle from all the weather.


When you need to move your car, several insurance factors will determine your prices. These factors vary based on location, time frame, and pick-up and drop-off locations. They can also impact car insurance rates, repair costs, and medical expenses. By keeping these in mind, you can avoid unnecessary purchases and get the most out of your auto transport.

In most cases, your car insurance policy won’t cover the value of your personal belongings, but it should still be possible to keep them in the moving truck. This can be useful in case your car is damaged while being transported. You will also need to check with your carrier to determine whether or not they offer insurance. Many companies do, but you’ll need to ask questions.

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Some companies offer basic coverage, but you should check if they have a damage deductible. The company may charge you a fee based on miles, or you might be required to purchase additional insurance. Make sure to keep written records of your insurance and contact your carrier for clarification.



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