Get Financial stability by outsourcing OB-GYN Medical Billing

Obstetrics and gynecology is a medical field that focuses on the care of women during pregnancy and delivery as well as the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases affecting the female reproductive system. It also includes a wide range of health problems that affect women, such as menstruation, menopause, infertility, and problems with hormones.

As a result, many medical practitioners may be unable to perform in-house OB-GYN medical billing. So, hiring a reliable OB-GYN medical billing company can be a perfect choice to enhance your practice’s revenue. 

 The complexity of OB-GYN billing and coding

Like many medical specialties, OB-GYN billing and coding are intricate, so it makes sense to outsource their administration to expert OB-GYN medical billing services for the smooth working of revenue cycle management (RCM).

Many OB/GYN clinics have faced medical billing and coding issues as a result of changes to current CPT codes and the inclusion of ICD-10, which have doubled claim denials and hindered the practice revenue cycle. Here are some tactics you may employ to prevent claim denials and begin boosting revenue for your OB/GYN clinic.

Be aware of the latest coding updates

Staying updated on coding changes that impact OB/GYN clinics is one of the greatest ways to ensure that claims aren’t unfairly denied so you can maximize reimbursements. It’s crucial to keep updated because there have been several modifications to CPT codes over the past few years.

For example,  an additional regular CPT code for laparoscopic ablation of fibroids, 58674, has been added to the list of CPT codes. Therefore, working with professional OB-GYN medical billing services has great advantages because they provide you with regular updates on CPT code changes. So it will help you to submit clean claims promptly and efficiently to get maximum reimbursement.

Using technology to reduce risk

The difficulty of medical billing places a great deal of strain on practices because many procedures may have mistakes like duplicate coding and billing or mismatched CPT codes. This is an area in which technology has the potential to bring about radical change. For example, it might automatically update all of the CPT codes in the practice, making it less likely that someone will use an out-of-date CPT code.

With the use of technology, staff members may be guided through the crucial processes of determining patient eligibility, which can help with prior authorization. A step-by-step procedure that employees follow while processing claims guarantees the correct data is gathered and confirmed before a claim ever leaves the practice.

Therefore, working with an outsource OB-GYN medical billing company can give you complete peace of mind because they always have all the latest software and technology for your medical billing needs.

ICD-10 Suggestions for OB/GYNs billing

Although most practices have switched over to ICD-10, there are still some useful ICD-10-specific tips that OB/GYN clinics should adopt. Here are some guidelines your practice should follow to prevent denials:

  • Paperwork for certain trimesters is required. For instance, the first trimester of a pregnancy with a history of infertility can be examined using the new ICD-10-CM number O09.01. 
  • Be careful that codes may differ based on the trimester
  • If the reason for your pelvic discomfort is known, you may record it
  • If an older patient’s pregnancy is complicated, then always note it down. For example, for women over the age of 35, mention whether their age may impact their delivery.

Is it the right time to outsource your OB/GYN medical billing?

Even little mistakes can result in claim denial and rejections. Therefore, finding reliable OB-GYN medical billing services may be a reasonable alternative for your practice. Many OB/GYN clinics opt to outsource their billing since it can be challenging to find qualified in-house billing and coding specialists with experience in obstetrics and gynecology billing and coding.

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Therefore, outsourcing can allow your practice to concentrate on patient care while someone else handles the complex billing and coding procedures on your behalf. Medicare MSO is a top-notch OB-GYN medical billing company that has strong expertise in billing and coding for OB-GYN practices. Whether you’re starting a new practice or want to boost the revenue of an existing one, contact us right away to find out how we can help you avoid common mistakes in your field and help you make the most money from your practice.

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