Five Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Divorce Attorney

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Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When you file for divorce, you usually find the most success if you hire a reputable divorce attorney in Houston, TX. However, finding a divorce lawyer who you can work well with may be somewhat challenging if you don’t know what qualities are best in your prospective legal representative. Learn more about the best qualities for divorce lawyers today.

Five Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Divorce Attorney

1. Communication Skills

First and foremost, great communication skills are an essential quality for any lawyer. Since divorce cases can often be complicated, it’s important that you can communicate clearly with your divorce attorney in Houston, TX about any legal issues or strategies you may have. For example, your lawyer must be able to tell you about your divorce case in words you can understand so you can make an informed decision about every step of your case.

Do You Need an Interpreter?

If English is not your first language, it may be important to find a lawyer who can communicate with you in your primary language or who has an interpreter on staff so you can understand any discussions about your case. If you need an interpreter, please let your potential legal team know during your consultation.

Divorce Attorney

2. Experience and Reputation

Experience and reputation are two qualities that go hand in hand and are equally important. Experience means your lawyer has experience in the specific type of divorceĀ cases you are filing, such as a divorce case that involves child custody or domestic violence. Reputation means that your lawyer has a good reputation in the legal field and from other clients.

When Does Experience Matter the Most?

Experience tends to matter the most when your divorce is high stakes, either for factors such as child custody or the division of major financial assets. Experience is essential since this means your lawyer has a proven success rate for legal strategies that have helped previous clients reach divorce goals.

3. Accuracy

Your lawyer also needs to value accuracy. Sometimes, this is a quality of lawyers that is overlooked. However, your lawyer must be accurate, both in terms of the legal precedents that are applied to your case and the details that are negotiated during your divorce decree. You can visit this page or other legal resources to learn more about the experts that may need to consult on your case.

What Experts May Need Consult On Your Case?

Sometimes, it may be necessary for your lawyer to consult experts to build evidence for your case. For example, a lawyer may ask for an appraiser to evaluate any of the properties, assets, and debts shared between you and your spouse. Experts that can be consulted may also include tax experts, forensic financial analysts, and even psychologists if there are elements of your divorce that are related to domestic abuse.

4. Creative Thinking

Good lawyers are also excellent creative thinkers. Although you may have a main legal strategy, your lawyer must also anticipate the legal strategy used by the lawyer representing your spouse. This means your lawyer must be able to pivot to different strategies while also focusing on the goals you want to reach during your divorce.

How To Ask Your Lawyer to Explore Strategies

During a consultation, if you want to assess a lawyer’s creative thinking skills, you can ask about legal strategies they may recommend for reaching certain goals. For example, if you tell a lawyer that you want to keep the marital home, a lawyer may present a few strategies that can help you achieve this goal.

5. Collaboration Skills

Finally, good lawyers have good collaboration skills. Not only should lawyers consult experts when needed, but your lawyer may also need to work with a larger legal team to handle your case. Sharing the caseload may be especially important if you have a high-stakes divorce.

Why Larger Legal Teams May Be Better

Larger legal teams may be better for some divorces if the divorce is very complicated or involves many financial elements. By having a larger team, such as investigators and paralegals, your case can be handled more efficiently and accurately.

Can a Consultation With a Lawyer in Houston, TX Help You Find a Good Attorney?

Scheduling a consultation with a few lawyers can help you find the best legal team for your case. Consultations are vital since they allow you to assess the communication skills and creative thinking of your prospective attorney. During your consultation, you can ask a lawyer about how they would handle your case to decide if the lawyer or legal firm is a good fit.

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If you need to file for divorce, it’s important to hire an attorney who has good qualities so your case can be successful. Some of the best qualities include communication skills, experience, creative thinking, collaboration skills, and accuracy. A consultation can help you determine if one lawyer is better than another.


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