Getting The Most Out of Invisalign Treatment

Getting The Most Out of Invisalign Treatment

Your smile can really shine through when your teeth are spotless and aligned properly. But what can you do if you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or gaps in between your teeth? Do braces represent the sole option? No! Invisalign is a new technology for straightening teeth that do not utilize brackets or wires but rather transparent aligners to do the job.

You, as the patient receiving orthodontic treatment, do, however, have some influence on how fast and efficiently they will work. The following is a list of easy strategies to improve the overall effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment:

The following is a list of easy strategies to improve the overall effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment:

1: You Should Wear Your Aligners At Least 22 Hours a Day

It could take a while to get accustomed to the idea of spending the whole day with removable aligners in your mouth, but this is a necessary step in the treatment process. You are required to have them in your mouth for at least 22 hours every single day, and the only times that you should take them out are to eat, drink, or clean your teeth.

If you wear your aligners for the whole prescribed amount of time, you will start to notice that they fit better, which will prevent the duration of your Invisalign treatment from becoming longer. Additionally, the longer you use your aligners, the more comfortable each new set of aligners will seem to you while you wear them.

Invisalign treatment
Getting The Most Out of Invisalign Treatment

2: Refrain From Eating Sticky Food 

Because food particles might get lodged in the Invisalign attachments or between your teeth, you must keep your mouth and teeth clean while undergoing treatment with Invisalign. This results in the development of germs and plaque, which increases the likelihood that you may suffer from tooth decay.

To remove any food particles that may have been lodged in your teeth, you should brush your teeth after each meal and floss daily. During your treatment, it is important to consume a lot of clean water and to refrain from eating foods that are either chewy or sticky. This is particularly important if you are wearing Invisalign attachments.

3: Maintain Oral Health 

Either utilize the Invisalign Aligner Cleaning System, which removes plaque from your aligners by using specific crystals, or use a toothbrush and toothpaste. You may clean your aligners with antibacterial soap, warm water, or even toothpaste. Clear aligners risk having their transparency compromised if they are not cleaned well or if they come into contact with foods that are likely to stain them.

If food particles get lodged in them, they may take on a hazy appearance and even take on a smell of their own.

Whitening toothpaste is more effective during treatment because the fluoride and whitening material (both of which are included in the toothpaste) are not removed by saliva and are instead kept in place by the aligners. As a result, whitening toothpaste is more effective during treatment.

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4: Keep An Eye On How Your Diet

The use of Invisalign in Surrey will have many different effects on your diet. You will have to start avoiding snacks since you only have two hours to consume food and brush your teeth after each meal. This means that you will need to eat a nutrient-dense diet to avoid feeling weak as a result of the reduction in the amount of food you consume. 

Remember to drink enough water as well, since having aligners in your mouth might cause you to salivate more than usual, which can give the impression that you are dehydrated.

5: Don’t Fight the Attachments That Come With Your Invisalign

Invisalign attachments, also known as buttons, are little dots of dental bonding material that are affixed to particular teeth throughout the treatment process. Your Invisalign provider may recommend that you use attachments or buttons as part of your treatment procedure.

These Invisalign attachments perform the function of anchors and provide a greater grip, assisting the aligners in remaining in place and preventing them from sliding around. Attachments for Invisalign aligners may be made to blend in with the color of your natural teeth, and they are often not particularly noticeable. However, they can have a significant impact on the caliber and efficiency of your treatment.

6 Make Sure You Adjust Your Aligners On Time And In The Correct Sequence.

Pay attention to what your orthodontist tells you to do with your aligners, especially if he or she tells you to wear them for a few additional days or to switch them out more regularly. If your orthodontist has not given you the go-to switch trays, doing so would simply slow down the treatment process.

7: Keep a Retainer Case with You at All Times.

When you take out your clear aligners, you should immediately place them in a retainer case or, at the very least, wrap them in a clean napkin before putting them away. It is quite simple for you to forget where you put your retainers or to toss them away by mistake. On the other hand, if you keep a case for your retainers with you at all times, you won’t have to worry about forgetting where you placed them when the time comes to put them back in your mouth.

8: Use Invisalign Aligner Chewies

“Chewies” are little, sponge-like cushions that serve to fill in any air gaps that may exist between the aligners of your Invisalign treatment and your teeth. These cushions come in a variety of colors and tastes and are cylinder-shaped. The substance used to make them is styrene copolymer, which is a material that is similar to soft plastic.

When you bite down on them for five to ten minutes at a time a few times each day, it helps your aligner sits better, which allows it to fit more firmly on your teeth. It is possible that your brand-new aligners will not fit snugly at first. If this is the case, employing chewies to provide additional pressure will assist straighten your teeth more quickly.

Wrapping Up

You are just one phone call away from having a smile that is flawless, stunning, and completely healthy. In such a case, get in touch with our best dentist in Surrey today. 

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