Gojek Clone : Smart Covid Safety Features In Vietnam

The pandemic was brutal not only for the life of humans but also for their livelihoods. Anything that had to do remotely with the business of any kind underwent massive shifts to accommodate the havoc that the pathogen wreaked on our lives. With the way people hired service providers, individuals had to meaningfully have an impact on the manner in which they took a gander at life and adapt to another type which was everything except ordinary in any feeling of the talking. The Gojek clone app proved to be extremely helpful during these times. 

Post the brutal years spanning from 2019 to 2021, this new year brought along with itself a promise of profitability, so long as we could ensure safety and hygiene. Things today have begun crawling to predictability and individuals have torn open the locks on their businesses.

While many businesses and offices did offer a new working norm, work from home, the service industry continued to remain one that did require the physical presence of most service providers and experts. As the Gojek clone app In Vietnam is a multi-service application that ranges from making food deliveries and grocery purchases to hiring service providers, anyone within this industry had to make sure that their new app came loaded with some of the best features that guaranteed the security and safety of their users and delivery or service provider partners. 

In the present blog entry, we will attempt to comprehend how to keep your multi-service business above water even as the CoVid 19 Novel CoronaVirus Pandemic lockdown wears off and a couple of significant security feature inclusions in the Gojek Clone app that can help you in doing as such.

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While there are numerous things that individuals can do to guarantee that the CoVid 19 circumstance can be held under the influence, there are not many that are in no way, shape, or form debatable as far as keeping up with the security of, the driver, the service providers as well as the users. Allow us to plunge into these elements.


Wearing a functional facial mask is absolutely vital to contain this disease. This might even be the first and foremost thing that the governments and health officials of most countries advise their citizens to do. This is the reason; rather than treating this daintily, your application ought to have an element that ensures that your driver and service provider can only start delivering their services after a certain affirmation that the person has been wearing the safety mask.

To accomplish this, the application in Vietnam can be stacked with a feature that guarantees that service only is considered as rendered, started, or invoice-able once the service provider or taxi driver uploads a selfie wearing the facial mask. Once the selfie is uploaded on the app, really at that time will the choice of ‘Start Service’ or ‘Start Ride’ ought to be made accessible. The Gojek Clone app can also have the option of getting feedback from the users with respect to the service provider wearing masks and vice versa.


It could get hard for the clients, service providers, and drivers to monitor every one of the orders and guidelines that are vital to guarantee that the virus can be controlled. To make sure that no one overlooks any of the mandates, during the hour of booking, the application ought to show a list that features all the security guidelines that are mandatory to be followed by the user, the service provider, and the driver.


This is applicable in the taxi booking option. In the event that the rider observes that the driver isn’t furnished with all the security measures or is missing the mark in any way to follow every one of the standards of hygiene, the rider should have the option to drop the ride without having to bear any cancellation charges.

This applies to the driver too. Since everybody has the privilege to safeguard themselves, the application In Vietnam ought to work with both the rider as well as the driver to accept an approach regardless of whether to continue with the ride in light of the security estimates set up.


When a user places an order for food, grocery or any other item using the app, they should be able to click on the Contactless delivery option which makes sure that the delivery driver and the user can avoid physical contact with each other. The delivery driver should be able to place the order at the doorstep of the user and take a picture to notify the user of the same.


The transfer of physical cash from one body to another can be a leading cause of pathogen transfer. With the help of the cashless transaction option, users can make payments through the Gojek clone app itself because payment gateways are integrated into the app. 


The Gojek clone app In Vietnam is one of the most popular and profitable solutions in the post-pandemic market with respect to service providers. It is an option that ensures that more and more people can get services rendered in the safest and most hygienic way. It is the best solution not just for the end users, but also the best way to ensure the safety of the service providers, taxi drivers, and delivery drivers registered in the app. 

With the help of the right Gojek clone app loaded with CoVid 19 protection features built by a white label on demand mobile app development company, you should be able to find profitability in less than a week’s time. All the best!

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