Gokarna beach trek : Best beaches in Gokarna

Gokarna is a True Beach Paradise within the northern part of Karnataka! It has 5 foremost seashores that have smooth water, mild waves, and extraordinary views!  There are lush inexperienced hills among those seashores which makes Gokarna a good, greater thrilling vicinity to go to. These hills now no longer simplest upload to the general appeal of Gokarna’s landscape, however additionally open us to the a laugh-stuffed Gokarna Beach Trek.


About the Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna Beach Trek is a fun way to head Beach Hopping in Gokarna. You may also begin the Trek from both the Kudle Beach aspect or Paradise Beach aspect. Aim of this trek is to cowl all of the foremost seashores of Gokarna walking with the aid of crossing the hill’s status among those seashores. These hills have an inexperienced cowl for higher parts of the yr and stand mightily towards the majestic Arabian Sea.


Best beaches in gokarna

  1. Gokarna Beach 

One of the most popular strands in Gokarna, Gokarna Beach lately gained fame for being a surfing point. It’s also notorious for its scenic trekking excursion bone

can take from then. Located in close proximity to the Mahabaleshwara Temple, the Gokarna Beach is also known as the place where pilgrims first come to take a dip before visiting the tabernacle. You can also visit the other strands of the region, like Half Moon Beach, Paradise Beach, Om Beach as well as Kudle Beach from then. 


This sand gives off some of the most beautiful sights of the ocean and the girding hillocks. Some of the adventure conditioning you can engage in Gokarna Beach include surfing, spurt skiing, snorkeling as well as trekking. 

Gokarna beach trek : best beaches in Gokarna

Position:  Gorkana Village| Ankola, Gokarna, India 


 Stylish Time to visit: October to March


The sand is shaped in a way that it appears to be the auspicious symbol ‘OM’ in the Devanagari script and is named after it. Om sand is one of the pristine and passing strands in Gokarna for the plethora of water sports and conditioning that people cherish then.  From the bumpy banana lift to the speedy spurt ski lift, from deepwater touring on the hilly terrain to spotting Dolphin in the middle of the ocean; OM sand is spot on. 


The sand can be enjoyed between the two bays that make the shape of OM

and is loaded with shanties, hooches, and cafes for a lazy holiday. 


position: Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326 


Stylish Time to visit: November to March 

  1. Half Moon Beach 

strands are stupendous but a thick and lush jungle overlooking an horizonless stretch of Arabian Ocean is rapturous. Half- moon sand is such an experience where you get to engage in myriads of conditioning like swimming, kayaking, paddle boats, touring, boarding,etc.  Half- moon is one of the strands in Gokarna which you can also walk over to it in a scenic journey starting from Gokarna sand and covering the notorious five Gokarna strands in one go. This sand derives its name from the shape of it which resembles a half- moon. 


Position:  Half Moon Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326 


Stylish Time to visit: from November to March. 


  1. Paradise Beach 

Fondly known as the ‘ full moon sand, ’ Paradise sand justifies its name. In order to reach this sand, one has to take a speedboat from OM sand or half- moon sand or has to journey down from the half- moon sand. 


Paradise sand stretches around 150 measures in length and is an ideal destination for swimming and camping. Around 70 percent of the sand is covered in jewels which makes some picture-perfect elevation points for photography. 


Position: Gokarna, Karnataka, India 

Stylish Time to visit: Sunrise and evening during the downtime and spring season. 

  1. Nirvana Beach 

The enrapturing environs of Nirvana sand make you feel like you’re in a fantastic setting. The sand has a veritably long oceanfront and you hardly find fellow trippers around as it’s a little off the beaten. 


Still, you’re suggested to carry food and water as there are no similar installations If you’re traveling to Nirvana sand. 

Swimming is a great sport to indulge in but due to the absence of lifeguards and important civilization, you must avoid going deep as the ocean has strong currents. 

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Position: Nirvana Beach Rd, Kagal, Karnataka 581351 

Stylish Time to visit: October to March

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