How to find your wedding florist?

How to find your wedding florist?

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Be it an Indian Wedding or from any other part of the world, its décor is incomplete without flowers. In any kind of celebration décor flowers is the heart of your event and they can create the right vibe for the theme you’re going for such as romantic, modern, traditional, whimsical, and the list goes on. Usually, your wedding decorator plays the role of your florist as well when it comes to Indian weddings. They play an integral part in the wedding planning process. Therefore, you need to give attention to a few things before signing a contract with your flower pro. You can follow this step-by-step guide to finding the perfect florist for your wedding day.

When Should You Hire a Florist for Your Wedding?

Just like the wedding venue, you should start searching for the florist from the day you have the date in your hand. We would recommend coming onto this step as soon as you’ve booked the venue and have officially set a date. With that, you can start by researching other vendors and also including your florist. Also, keep in mind that if you have your data within the wedding boom then there are chances that vendors will get booked up faster than ever therefore the earlier you can secure a florist, the better!


Begin with establishing your flower style

Every florist has a different style of using flowers and decking up the space. Some florists specialise in tall, lush, ornate centrepieces, while others are better at modern, minimalist arrangements. So you have to see what matches your vision of décor. There are certain Chattarpur farmhouses for marriage that offer specialisation in such arrangements. You can get them customised as per your taste. After figuring out your style, you can choose a wedding colour palette. Also, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with some of the most common floral terms and types of flowers and greenery, so that you can easily communicate with your florist.

Get familiar with your floral needs

Again, you have to see what you want. If you are looking for someone who will not only

make your arrangements but also help design the look of your overall décor. You should keep in mind that a floral designer is probably more your speed. If you already have a wedding planner or an eye for design then a regular florist will likely do the trick. Just be smart and figure out which is the best fit as this will also help you determine the budget.

Have a clear floral budget

You need to keep in mind that décor and flowers should amount to about 10 per cent of your overall wedding budget. But that number varies widely depending on your wedding location, guest count as well as other details. If you love flowers and want grand floral arrangements, or want a particular flower in its offseason then, this may up this number. Don’t forget the extras like setup and breakdown charges, taxes and tips. We would strongly recommend you have a number in mind when you start meeting with wedding florists buffalo ny and wedding e-cards.

Get plenty of recommendations

We all want vendors that are reliable, capable and within your price range and the same goes for the florist. With all that you should also find someone open to your ideas and whose taste you respect. The best way to find a perfect one is by word of mouth ask for recommendations from newlyweds you know and read online reviews on wedding planning portals or even check the Google reviews. You can also ask the other vendors if they have worked with someone good. If you’re working with a wedding planner or a venue coordinator, they should have some suggestions from local florists.

Schedule a meeting

While planning your wedding you should hire someone that you can trust to make the right floral decisions. After penning down the popular florists you can set up appointments so you can connect with them in person and have a look at the portfolio of their work. It’s a good idea to come with a list of questions, and have the following information ready:

  • Your wedding date
  • An estimated guest count, including several wedding party members
  • Your wedding venue
  • Colour scheme and flower ideas
  • A list of your other booked wedding vendors

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It’s better to show your vision rather than telling

You should be clear about your vision… you want something minimalist or something glamorous? Your florist can’t read your mind and images are the best way of telling than explaining them in words. You can show them your Pinterest board, or pictures of your wedding attire to your florists. Share your vision and discuss your budget.



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