Make Your Home’s Wardrobe Look More Stylish

How To Make Your Home’s Wardrobe Look More Stylish

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Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories tell a lot about you. That makes these items an integral part of your life. In return, they deserve a stunning home that motivates them to create various looks. 

Designing a stylish and worthwhile wardrobe doesn’t require hiring an interior designer. With the help of the tips below, you can easily recreate your ideal iconic wardrobe without much of a hustle. By the time you are done reading this, you’ll have mind-blowing ideas that will set you up for a palace experience. Let’s dive in.

1. What Do You Think Of Open Shelves And Rails?

One might think it a basic idea, but a closer look at the potential, if done right, will prove you wrong. Open shelves are the best option to display your favorite pieces, be they shoes, bags, or accessories. They also best place your everyday wear, where you can easily pick and wear.

That, coupled with rails to hang your best suit hangers, gives your wardrobe an organized yet classy look, more of a boutique feel. Also important to note is the quality of your hangers. Make sure they are firm enough to hold your clothes for the long term and avoid creases. Wooden hangers are the best.

How To Make Your Home’s Wardrobe

2. How About Mirrored Wardrobes?

Mirrored wardrobe doors are classy and elegant, creating an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. If you dream of waking up in a presidential suite, here is your chance to make it happen. Especially if you can achieve floor-to-ceiling mirrors, the view is incredible. It gives a reflection of your room and makes playing dress up more fun than you can imagine.

3. Sliding Doors For The Win

A walk-in closet is most people’s dream, but the space is mostly a constraint. Luckily for you, here’s a better option, sliding door closets. You can achieve so much in your wardrobe with this setting, and there’s something about sliding doors that screams bougie. So it’s a win-win.

Here’s the deal: sliding doors are your saving grace if you are low on space. You can invest in drawers for your wardrobe storage, shelves, and rails to hang your clothes behind closed doors. That way, you can use up the space the door would open up for more storage inside.

4. Lit Up Your Wardrobe

Proper lighting is essential if you have a walk-in, built-in or freestanding closet. Investing in a sparkling chandelier creates an elegant feel of the space and makes it easier for you to maneuver. You can also play around with some LED lights. Install them on your ceiling, the sides of your closet, or even the wardrobe’s interior. While at it, investing in warm colors like yellow gives the room the warmth it deserves and makes it feel cozy and welcoming.

5. Let Your Wardrobe Reflect Your Personality

What better way to sum it up than this? Above all things decor, how would you feel incorporating a part of you in decorating your wardrobe? Here’s your chance to experience that. Play around with the color choice of your room. 

The best way to do it is to blend the wall paint with your wardrobe for a better flow or choose colors that complement each other. Also, add some fashion prints on your wardrobe door for inspiration or even add décor pieces on the wardrobe shelves to lift your moods. 

You can even invest in a wallpaper of choice that compliments the color of your wall paints to blend in the décor. The options are unlimited.

Tips When Choosing A Wardrobe

Now that you have ideas to revamp your wardrobe, here are a few tips to help you choose cabinets wisely.

  • Know What you Want to Store

The first step to choosing the right wardrobe is understanding why you want it. It could store your shoes, clothes, handbags, or even accessories. That knowledge allows you to select the correct size and even quality materials for the wardrobe. For instance, a shoe storage space may be smaller than clothes.

  • Choose a Sturdy Material and Moisture Resistant

A wardrobe is a long-term investment so if you are building one from scratch, use quality wood like cedar wood, plywood, or MDF. Choose a material that can act as a natural dehumidifier to avoid molds. You can even buy a dehumidifier if you are unsure of the wood used in your wardrobe, especially if it’s a rental house. That will ensure your clothes maintain a fresh smell while in storage.

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The topic of décor is broad, and it keeps changing daily. Luckily, the ideas above will never run out of style; to top it up, they are easy to incorporate. So whether it’s your walk-in, built-in or freestanding wardrobe that you need to give a facelift, this is the guide for you. Topping that up with the hacks at the end, you’ll be impressed at how well everything will turn out.



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