How to Solve Communication Error on Epson Printers?

A communication error between the computer and printer is the most common issue. This error may happen for many reasons. Some of the problems may clear internally by the IT person and some problems can only solve by the printer service person. You may face two types of communication errors between the computer and Epson printers. One is the light is ON in the printer but shows the printer communication error. The second one is Light is OFF printer is not working. Let’s see about these problems briefly.

Light on but not working

There are many reasons that the printer does not work when lights are ON. It confirms that the power connection is ok with the printer. Some other problem causes this issue. It may be the printer problem or the computer problem. Both problems can be solved internally or by an external service person. A problem like a wire connection, or network problem can solve internally. Problems like software issues and hardware problems can only be solved by the service person. Let’s see how to solve this printer’s problem one by one.

USB problem

To connect the printer to the computer USB wire and port are important. Sometimes the wire will get broken or loosen which could not fit the port tightly. For this problem, you have to change the USB cable wire. If the USB port is the problem you have to try to insert the wire in a different port it doesn’t work you have to change the port with the help of service people. This method will solve the printer communication error.

Driver problem

This driver problem arises only if the computer has the oldest version of the operating system. This problem will be solved by updating the driver software. This software will automatically update when you connect the printer to the computer. If you are using the latest version of OS with an internet connection. Otherwise, you have to install it manually. This problem will be solved internally with the help of the IT department.

  • Click the Windows key to open the search box.
  • Enter device manager and click the enter button, it will open a window containing the device list.
  • Click on the printer name and it will get expand. Otherwise right click on EPSON printer.
  • Select the updated driver from the list. Click search automatically search for updated drivers.
  • This operation will automatically download and install the updated drivers. Restart the computer to activate the installed drivers.
  • To manually install the drivers, visit the official website of Epson printers. Select your printer model and download its drivers.
  • Install the downloaded drivers and restart the computer.

Software problem

The Epson printer software installed in the computer may get corrupted. This also creates printer communication errors. To solve this problem you have to follow some procedures.

Initially, you need to reset the printer setting to check if it clears the problem or not.

  • Open the printer software on the computer.
  • Search for the settings option and click the reset button.
  • Restart the computer to check whether the problem is solved or still facing the same problem. If not solved just uninstall the software for the computer.
  • Reinstall the printer software and connect the printer from the beginning.
  • If it is a printer software problem it will get solved in this method.

 Memory problems in computer

The printers need some space to operate. If the memory space is too small it will create an error in printing. To solve this issue

  • Click Windows + R, this command will open and run the application. Otherwise, click on the windows button and search for a run. Right-click on the run and select the option run as administrator.
  • A dialog box will open, enter %temp% and click enter.
  • The folder will open with lots of temporary files. Select all and click shift delete to clear these files permanently.
  • Now restart the printing process, and it will work without any error.

Network problem 

Nowadays all electronic items are manufactured with high-tech components. Like printers can connect with WIFI. For this, both the device and printer must connect to the same network. If there is any problem with the network connection, the system will show the communication error in Epson printers. To check this printer communication problem

  • Go to the setting on the computer and search for a network connection.
  • Check the network connection is stable and active.
  • Open the printer software and search for a network connection.
  • Confirm that the printer is connected to a WIFI network. IF not reconnect it. Now the problem will get solved.

Light OFF not working

For this problem, you have to power connect the printer. You have to plug in the different power cords to check whether the light is on or not. The lights are ON leave it with that connection and continue your work. Sometimes the printer may use the automatic time-out facility. This makes the printer move to sleep mode. To solve this issue you have to restart the printers and switch off the automatic settings.

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