What Is ikat Fabric? Number Of Looks You Can Create From It

Ikat clothing

There is something in Ikat fabric that everyone feels attracted to. We can consider it a large contribution of Indian artisans. This has an aura that always catches my eye whenever I see them. No wonder, ikat designs are chic pieces in the textile world. This is classical attire that is becoming famous in modern vogue. 

No specific art, blurry design, and abstract concept are some of the features that you can find in an ikat textile. Since its origin, this material is standing with time and still maintains its value.

From celebrities to fashionistas, everyone is choosing and wearing this hand block over time. Ikat clothing is prominent in the closet if you want to look classic and stylish. This material looks beautiful and elegant. It doesn’t matter what you wear- a saree or kurta or pants or palazzo or shirt or top. So let’s explore the number of looks that you can draft with ikat fabric.  

Boho look

If you love boho style and are looking for material that can bring a bohemian vibe to your look, then ikat fabric will be a perfect selection for you. Ikat fabric is flowing just like the free spirit and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s. You can use it for sarees, long shirts, kurtas, and long pants. It will give you a dreamy look and you can pair it with chunky accessories like earrings, kajal, and bracelets.

If you don’t want to with bright shades then be experimental with mixing or blending shades. Pick the colors like olive green, mustard yellow, and rusty orange with a subdued mix for this appearance. 

Modern pantsuit and power dressing

If you are looking for formal wear, then you can use ikat fabric for pantsuits. It can be teamed with any formal shirt and blazer and then it is good to go to the office. ikat fabric with its elegant print and deep shade will help you in creating a professional look and it is one of the best patterns for business wear. Look with ikat material is also perfect for creating your own style statement in seminars and conferences. Choose darker hues to avoid a casual look.  With the dark shades, you can create a powerful look in the workplace

Vibrant and wild

If you are looking for a wild and vibrant look, then ikat fabric is the best option. You can use it for long kurtas or shirts. You can also use it for sarees and blazers. Ikat can team with vibrant jewelry and accessories. It will help you in bringing the wild look to the runway. To get a bright and colorful look, get light and bright shades and create an airy appearance with it. You can choose strips, dots, and floral patterns to create a beautiful look. 


Indian touch and ethnic wear

If you are looking for an Indian touch in your outfit, then ikat fabric is a perfect choice for you. Ikat print and designs represent the richness of Indian textiles that you can use to get a traditional appearance. You can use it for making sarees, kurtas, and long shirts. You can also use it for making dupattas, shawls, and stoles. It will give you an ethnic look and you can team it with Indian jewelry and accessories. 

Summer collection

If you are looking for an outfit for summer, then you can use ikat fabric for making a top and blazer. You can also use it for making a saree and scarf. It is one of the best fabrics for making sarees. With ikat fabric, you can create a bold and elegant look. It is one of the best fabrics that you can use for summer. So, these are a few of the ikat outfit ideas that you can try.

A fabric that’s been around for centuries and will be around for many more to come. If you’re not a big ikat fan, there are other block prints out there as well. The block print technique is thousands of years old and is still a very relevant textile art form today. With ikat, you can also opt for a simple monochrome look that is suitable for every outing and event. 


It doesn’t matter if you like to create your own style statement or not. Ikat fabric is for everyone. With this, you can even enhance your simple tee and jeans to rare delight. To try ikat clothing, you can go with the above looks. This fabric is so versatile that you can get anything out of it. So why wait, pick ikat print and craft your story?

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