Install Megabox HD App Without Jailbreaking the Device

A movie streaming app called MegaBox HD isn’t offered in the app store. It is available for download from the third-party app store, but a jailbroken device is needed for that. Today I’ll demonstrate how to get the MegaBox HD app for iOS without jailbreaking.

As I previously mentioned, MegaBox HD is a movie streaming app that enables users to access both new and classic movies for free online. On your iOS device, you can watch all of the movies. Install Megabox on your iPad if you have one to watch movies on a big screen.


Along with streaming movies, MegaBox HD also has a fantastic selection of international TV shows. The app also has a download feature that allows users to save movies and TV shows for later, at their convenience.

For a better viewing experience, the app lets users change the streaming movies and TV shows. The app allows users to move downloaded content to any other storage location. The content can be sorted according to popular tags and the most recent addition.

Specifications of MegaBox HD for iOS

  • Online streaming of free films.
  • iPhone and iPad users can watch free TV shows online for free.
  • Free movies and TV series to download.
  • The popularity and recommended tags can be used to filter movies.
  • To download content in 1080p, if it is available, change the video quality from 340p to HD 720p.
  • Restart assistance so that downloading is more enjoyable.
  • New features and bug fixes are added with regular updates.

Without jailbreaking your iOS device, install the MegaBox HD app

  • As I mentioned previously, the Megabox HD app cannot be downloaded from the official app shop; instead, a third-party app store must be used.
  • Install vShare on an iOS device by downloading it. The vShare download and installation instructions below can be skipped if you already have vShare installed.
  • Install the vShare PC client after downloading it.
  • Connect the iOS device to the PC once it has been installed, then run vShare. Wait for the iOS device to be automatically detected by vShare.
  • The device will appear on the vShare screen once it has been discovered. To install vShare on your iOS device, tap the Install vShare icon.
  • Disconnect the iOS device from the PC once the installation is finished.
  • On your iPhone, open vShare and hit the search bar. After entering “MegaBox HD,” click the search icon.
  • In the search result, tap Megabox HD to launch it. To download the app, tap the Download icon.
  • Wait for the app to download before installing it. When the Install button appears, tap it.

You must now have faith in the developer in order to utilize the Megabox HD software.

Profile and Device Management can be found under Settings > General. Open the Megabox HD app profile by searching for it.

To make the profile trusted, press the Trust button twice.

The Megabox HD app is now available, and you can watch movies and TV episodes online while using it. The advantage of this app is that it mostly gives HD 720p resolution videos for movies, as opposed to the Terrarium TV app, which offers a mix of Cam and HD prints.


Therefore, this application is the best for streaming free movies and downloading them for later viewing without an Internet connection. To watch free movies and shows, go ahead and follow the instructions for downloading the app. Additionally, by using the same procedure, you can download Box HD Movies.

Please leave a comment in the box below if you have any questions about Megabox HD. We’ll do everything we can to find a solution as soon as possible.

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