Maintaining the lawn in summer!

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Maintaining the lawn in summer!

It starts with good news because you won’t have to mow as many times as in the spring: once every two to three weeks is enough. Regarding the cutting height, it is useful not to cut too short in order to better conserve soil moisture and thus better resist the summer heat, two to three centimeters will make the difference.

Which mower to choose?

This is where Anderson lawn equipment comes in as an official supplier of gardening tools. Choosing your mower will revolve around different criteria: the surface to be mowed, if you want a grass collection system, and which also sticks to it! The cheapest, most ecological, and obviously less noisy manual mower on the market, it is perfect for small areas.

For a good value for money, opt for the Gardena 400 reel mower with a 40 cm cutting width the battery-powered mower is Practical because it is not noisy and it can be self-sufficient to mow around 400m², i.e. around one hour of work. Our top product is the GARDENA Powermax 34 E mower the electric mower.

Maintaining the lawn in summer!

The electric mower is environmentally friendly and allows you to mow medium-sized areas while being powered by a cord. This is the type of mower that requires the least maintenance. Take a look at our range divided between GARDENA and FLYMO.

The thermal mower

Let’s finish with the most popular: the thermal mower. Robust, handy, and self-propelled, this mower will delight everyone. The only drawbacks of this mower are the noise and the maintenance necessary for it to function properly over time. Discover our flagship product, the McCulloch M53-150WFP towed petrol mower When and how to water the lawn?

In case of high temperatures, when you are maintaining the lawn then you need to do it once a week. It is advisable to do this in the evening to avoid burning the grass and evaporating the water. It is recommended to cover one square meter per 5 liters of water, which represents 5mm of water.

For ecological reasons, install water collectors in your irrigation system.

The different watering options

You will find something to pamper your lawn in our dedicated range as with the choice of the mower, you must know the lawn area to be treated. For small pitches, all you need is a hose with a knob For a larger surface it will be wise to choose automatic or buried watering. And even better to combine the two!

For buried sprinklers, you can choose stationary or rotary depending on the surface again.

If with all these tips you don’t have the most beautiful lawn, it’s cursed.


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