Marketing Vs. Advertisement Vs Branding: Choosing A Dissertation Topic

Marketing Vs. Advertisement Vs Branding: Choosing A Dissertation Topic

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Students from the department of business administration have to deal with different domains of business. As a student of business administration, you must have an idea about its major fields when you are going to choose a dissertation topic for your dissertation. On a broader scale, you can see marketing, branding and advertisement as the main concepts in business. Some of the business students take all of these three terms as the same.

Although these three concepts have some similarities, it does not mean they as a whole are the same. These three concepts come under one umbrella of business. As a business student, you must have an idea about marketing, branding and advertisement. At the time of dissertation writing, you would have to go for a particular domain. If you do not have an idea about these concepts, you may have an inappropriate dissertation topic. In this way, you would have to face so many challenges at the time of research. As per the importance of the dissertation topic, this article aims to know the similarities and differences between marketing, branding and advertisement.

What is Marketing?

In business administration, the process of hitting the targeted audience is called marketing. To target the potential audience, you need to identify and make some value as per the demand of the audience. Also, the process of marketing includes the delivery of values in the right way. In marketing, you need to focus on products and services. As a student, you can go for the product in high demand in the market. You can also suggest something valuable for the near future.

Similarly, the targeted audience must be transparent and well-known to you. For example, you are working on a toy as a product. Here, the targeted audience is parents and children. The interest of children matters to you. Also, the economic condition of all parents has great importance. You must be good at having an idea about different attributes linked with your product and its services.

The appearance, packing, price, communication, content, connections, and quality are some important attributes of any product. Many students take marketing as a dissertation topic as they have an option to get MBA dissertation help. There are eight types of marketing. Each marketing type hits a particular area of business. These types are mentioned below:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Outbound marketing
  • Keyword marketing
  • Green marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Influencer marketing gnblogs


What is Branding?

Marketing is a subfield of business, while branding is a concept of marketing. You can see every business has a brand. The purpose of using a brand is to make it easy for customers to identify your business. You can see many brands of clothes and other products. The use of the brand makes it easy to hit the perspective of a potential audience.  In simple words, you can say that brands work as an identity of your business. In the market, your business gets value because of your brand. The use of a brand is considered as a necessary aspect of any business.

At the time of selecting a dissertation topic, it is very important to learn the difference between branding, logos, and slogans. Most of the students take brand, logo, and slogan as the same thing. They really need to understand that branding is a strategy, while logos and slogans are tools. These tools are used for the promotion of products and services.

What is an Advertisement?

You may receive so many messages about insurance, food, and other services on a daily basis. This trick to communicate about your product is named an advertisement. Advertisement is not limited to a particular product type, but it can be for everything. Even if it is a soap or a powder, you can go for its advertisement. Another thing related to the advertisement is the motivation of customers for your product. When you send a message about your product, you are supposed to share motivational content. The content must attract the attention of the customer.

Is Branding The Same As Advertising?

Branding and advertisement both aim to work on the promotion of products and services. By working on branding as well as on advertising, you can increase your sales rate. In this way, the high sales cause high revenue. Both of these terms aim to achieve the same end goal, but they are not the same terms. The difference between these terms can help you end up with one of the best dissertation topics. Branding is all about the product and organization. Branding focuses on name, logo, mark, and presentation of content. On the other hand, advertising focuses on a different platform to hit the potential audience.

What Comes First Branding or Advertisement?

Branding comes first in any type of business. First of all, you need to work on the identity of a business. After branding, you have to go for the advertisement of products and services provided by any business.

Major Differences between Marketing, Branding, and Advertisement?

Marketing is a strategy, while branding and advertising are two concepts used in marketing. At the time of choosing dissertation topics, you have to go for a particular topic of marketing. Whatever the type of marketing is, you would have to use the concepts of branding and advertising. Start with marketing and then move to brand. After that, go for the advertising. Marketing works on product, price, place, and promotion. On the other hand, branding work for the identity of an organization by focusing on the name, title, and marks. Finally, advertising aims to engage the potential customer by motivating them in different ways.

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Final Thoughts

In business administration, the selection of dissertation topics has prime importance. You cannot select a good topic without having an idea about major terms of business. The similarities and differences between marking, branding, and advertising are mentioned above. The information in this article can help you remove all of the confusion related to these terms. However, if you still have any problems, you can get dissertation help online for the selection of the topic.



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