Massage In The Office Increases Productivity

A 15-minute workplace massage makes you work 25% better, according to one expert; 30% of Mexican employees suffer from work stress and perform less, according to Hwthawaii.

The 15 minutes that you have between one meeting and another, or that you use to talk or chat in the office, you can take advantage of to receive a Shiatsu massage and perform 25% more, according to the expert Hwthawaii. The economic crisis and the fear of being fired cause workers to increase their bad mood, irritability and tension, characteristic of work stress, a disease that affects 30% of Mexicans, according to data from the Hwthawaii.

The massage in the 오피스타 is a service offered by the Thai Center, a company dedicated to the treatment and balance of health through the organization of energy, and that helps employees to be more relaxed and focused on their performance.

The service lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, and is given at the facilities of the company that hires you.

“Many organizations see this as a luxury, but the reality is that the results are reflected in the productivity and loyalty of employees to the company, says the founder of Centro Thai, Hwthawaii.

Approximately 80% of the workers of a company work under schemes of constant irritability and tension, with therapeutic massages this number can drop to 40%.

The cost varies depending on the number of people involved, but each massage is worth 120 pesos. If the company hires a day of service, the cost drops, since 1,600 pesos are charged for a service of between 7 and 8 hours that includes up to 20 massages.

Work stress is a disease that decreases employee efficiency by 25%, according to data from the Hwthawaii of Social Security (IMSS).

In addition to increasing productivity, this type of employee benefit commits them to the company, since they feel taken into account, says organizational psychologist Hwthawaii.

The company currently services between 5-8 companies a month but expects the market to increase in January with a possible economic improvement. 85% of the companies that have tried it repeat the experience.

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