How I Got A Top Score On My C++ Certified Associate Programmer Exam

How I Got A Top Score On My C++ Certified Associate Programmer Exam

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Are you planning to take the C++ Institute CPA exam? If so, you have come to the right place. Below I will give a little background about myself and the C++ Institute Certified Associate Programmer Exam. Let’s just say I am a certified CPA Programmer with 15 years of programming experience, and yes, I passed on my first attempt…

What About Is C++ Institute CPA Certification Exam?

The C++ Institute CPA Certification Exam is a Microsoft-style exam that measures your expertise and knowledge of C, C++, and Visual Basic. The exam measures your ability to create applications and demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the C, C++, and VB languages.

The C++ Institute CPA is an entry-level programming exam. It is composed of one exam which measures proficiency in all three languages: Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Standard/Basic C. The test measures your ability to write high-quality, robust code using best practices in coding and programming. You should also be able to communicate effectively with other engineers. In other words, you should understand the importance of quality software development versus quantity software development (I will elaborate on this later).

Targeted Audience

The C++ Institute CPA exam is targeted at anyone interested in a career in programming, whether you are a programmer or looking to get started in the IT field. The exam provides employers and hiring managers with an independent measurement of a job candidate’s knowledge and skills, which should provide more objectivity during the hiring process.

This certification exam is designed for those with little or no experience coding in Visual Basic, Visual C++, or standard/essential C. Suppose you are already a programmer of these languages. In that case, the certification isn’t necessary. Employers will test your skill level through interviews and other means before extending an offer.

How I Got A Top Score On My C++ Certified Associate Programmer Exam

How To Start Preparation For Certification?

Head to the C++ Institute’s site and download the exam guide. I suggest studying this book in sequential order, regardless of whether or not you are familiar with C or C++. The book’s introduction section provides an overview of developing Windows applications using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Framework.

I also recommend the Dumps4free c++ practice test. These practice tests are a great way of knowing you are on the right track. The questions on the practice test are very similar to what you will see on the exam, which should give you a good idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

When Should I Start Studying For The Exam?

You should begin studying for the exam as soon as possible so that further down the road, you don’t get burned out and quit. However, if you haven’t started studying 6 months before your scheduled exam date, it is not too late to start. Either way, the sooner you get started, the better.

How Long Should I Study For?

I suggest studying at least 2 to 3 hours a day for 30 days before your scheduled exam date. If possible, study up to 6 hours a day for 10 days before your test date and then back off to about 2 hours a day for 20 days or so.

You should also try for the best education Blog and do at least one practice exam every week during this busy period to gauge your performance and slowly start understanding what areas need improvement. Furthermore, don’t forget to take as many practice exams as you score as high as possible on them (at least 85%+).

What Types Of Questions did I encounter On The C++ Institute CPA Exam?

The exam questions I encountered on the C++ Institute CPA exam were very similar to what I have experienced on other Microsoft-style programming exams. They covered all the standard topics you would expect and had a few unique questions about writing Windows applications. Let’s look at some of them:

Data Structures

Structures used in most programs include arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and hash tables. In almost every program, you’ll use one or more of these data structures somewhere. Therefore any programmer must understand how they work to code efficiently and accurately using them.


An algorithm is a step-by-step process for solving a problem. Algorithms are practical in programming for two main reasons: to solve problems and to organize the implementation of the program’s overall functionality. In addition, understanding algorithms and their integration into programs are essential because they are one of the primary focuses in many job interviews (at least at my current employer).


The most commonly used loops include loops, do-while loops, and loops, and for each loop. Understanding when to use each loop is essential because some loops are more efficient than others. Understanding how each loop functions within your program, once it’s been coded is also essential.

What Types Of Jobs Are Available After Becoming Certified?

The C++ Institute CPA Certification Exam increases your value and makes you more marketable. With the C++ Institute’s exam score, you can compete for better jobs because it shows employers that you have coding knowledge and a good understanding of where you can add value to the company. In addition, the certification demonstrates that employers are investing in your education, furthering your career as a professional software developer.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dumps4free Study Resources?

The main benefit of using Dumps4free exam dumps products is their cost-effectiveness. It’s a better value than any other source of study material out on the market. If you are currently working full-time and cannot afford to attend training classes or conferences, using Dumps4free exam dumps is the only way you will be able to prepare for your certification exam.

Dumps4free also offers all C++ Institute certification dumps pdf with a 100% success guarantee. Suppose you want to clear the C++ Institute CPA exam on the first try. In that case, I highly recommend practicing with Dumps4free C++ Institute CPA practice test questions because these questions also come with detailed solutions.

Salary Of A Certified Developer:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Software Developers, All Levels are among the highest-paid workers in America. A Software Developer, All Levels, typically earns $128,170 annually or $50.09 hourly. Many people ask me the difference between a programmer and a software developer. The answer is pretty simple.

A programmer can write code for a programming language, like C++, which the computer can run it. A software developer is someone with more than just writing code; it’s someone who knows how to design and plan applications using ideas from computer science and programming technology.

Is C++ Institute CPA Exam Worthy?

The C++ Institute CPA certification exam is definitely worthy. This is the only academic certification I have ever taken. I can tell you that it was worth the time and effort to pass this exam. The exam does an excellent job of independently breaking down more complex subjects for those struggling with these concepts. In addition, the book provides a good amount of support for those who need a bit more help as they study for the exam.

All in all, it is a worthwhile investment of your time and money to pass this certification, which will undoubtedly serve you well at your company.

Is C++ Institute CPA Exam Tough To Pass?

I do not believe the C++ Institute CPA exam is tough to pass. Not only do I believe that, but I also firmly believe that passing the exam is possible without a good understanding of the subject matter. To pass the exam without a good understanding of the subject matter, one must spend significant time researching other areas. This approach ultimately leads people down a road they cannot recover from.

What Is The Cost Of The C++ Institute CPA Exam?

The cost of the C++ Institute CPA exam includes the $150 exam fee, a $50 exam voucher, a $95 ebook voucher, and a $ 50 course study guide. If you are taking the class at a local training institution, you can also expect to pay for that. The total cost for all of these items is around $515. When you compare that to other certification programs, it’s pretty inexpensive.

What Next After Passing The C++ Institute CPA Exam?

After passing the exam, there are several paths you can take. The majority of people choose to continue their education by taking more classes. In addition, you can continue to work and further your skills by taking on other certification exams. Most companies require you to have a Certified Developer credential that indicates that you have an understanding and knowledge of the subject matter for them to hire you as a professional programmer.

In addition, if you are new to the industry and seeking employment, companies will hire certified developers or those who have taken their certification exams. Suppose a company requires one instead of hiring unqualified individuals with no education or training in programming. In that case, it can benefit both parties involved.


We hope this article provides you necessary information related to the C++ Institute CPA Certification. Thanks for reading. Please share it with your friends.



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