Pastel Bedroom Designs That You Would Like To Recreate Now

Pastel colours are gaining popularity lately due to their soothing and tranquil vibe. These colour palettes make the perfect bedroom designs that have a soothing effect on your mind and that are approved by vastu also. The white makes in pastel shades make your area look tranquil yet manages the colourful and vibrant personality and aura that cheers you up each time you enter your bedroom. 

Are you ready to revive your sleep cycle and experience a different bedtime experience with pastel bedroom designs? Contact the best interior designing company Kolkata. After going through the best interior design ideas for your bedroom you simply cannot resist copying them for your bedroom right away. Let us get started with some of the best pastel bedroom colour ideas for you. 

A blue pastel bedroom for your kid

Blue refers to a soothing shade that adds to the peacefulness of a children’s room. You can go for an all blue colour scheme for a colourful look for your kids bedroom. Go for a textured wall paint that matches the wardrobe beautifully. You can also add a white headboard and a side table for breaking the monotony and bringing a beautiful aesthetic balance. This is one of the tips from the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata

Another thing that you combine is adding a study unit with box cabinets that matches the wardrobe for maintaining continuity. A pastel blue shade by room is all you need for bringing a smile to your kids face. You can also go for living room interior design India when it comes to a blue shade. 

Dual shades for his and her section

The best interior designing company Kolkata will design a bedroom that caters to both the kids. There will be headboards in pink and blue that demarcate each space beautifully. There can be a wall mounted study table with a storage unit that helps the kids study with full concentration. It is one of the bedroom designs that feature an anti-skid rug on the floor for avoiding accidents with added comfort. The dual pastel shade bedroom concept comes in handy for families with two kids. 

Yellow pastel shade for guest room

Combine a splash of spring into the guest bedroom with a yellow accent wall. You can accentuate the area with an extended headboard in white or pistachio green. It is one of the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata. That can be a wood like wardrobe that has ample storage space for your guest. You can also add a study setup that adds functionality and turns the bedroom into a comfortable home office. Reach out to the best interior designing company Kolkata and make your dream of pastel yellow guest bedroom come true. 

Pastel wallpapers for your bedroom

If pastel shades like mauve, sky blue and baby pink feel too mainstream, you can go for an accent wall with a printed pastel wallpaper in pistachio green. 

It will lead to an aesthetic pastel bedroom giving an artistic and tropical vibe. Choose a wardrobe having tinted glass and put it right opposite to the window for natural reflection. Installing a decorative mirror and a pendant lamp to complete the look will be a wise idea according to the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata

Elegant bedroom colour scheme for your master bedroom

If you are looking forward to a pastel bedroom but think of avoiding general pastel shades like purple green or pink, go for neutral tone pastel bedroom shades like ivory white or beige. They come with a refined touch and bring royalty to your room. 

Consider adding a horizontally extended headboard, a wardrobe and a book cabinet with mirrors to complete the look of the master bedroom. Beige and ivory white go well with brown and bring an old world charm too. It is one of those bedroom designs that you will love, being subtle and classy. 

Wrapping Up

Do you love what you have read so far? Now it is time to replicate these bedrooms in your home too. You can book a free consultation from the best interior designing company Kolkata and their expert designers will assist you to revamp the home interiors that are customised according to your lifestyle and preference. 

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