Refrigerator Sizes: How to Measure Fridge Dimensions

Refrigerator Sizes How to Measure Fridge Dimensions

Refrigerator are indispensable parts of our households. Fridges come in different sizes, styles, and features to meet the needs of different households. The standard sizes of a fridge vary from 24 to 40 inches in width, 29 to 30 inches in depth, and 62 to 72 inches in height. Side-by-side and french door fridges are wider, with more height. 

Since they come in so many different sizes, buying double door fridges online can be challenging as well as inconvenient. If the fridge is too big, its installation could be at odds with the available space. In fact, it may be challenging to even bring a large appliance into a small house.

Here, we guide you on measuring the dimensions of a fridge and the available space in your kitchen for a hassle-free installation. This will enable you to choose the best available refrigerator that fits your home as well as your budget.

Standard Refrigerator Size Guide:

Bottom Freezer Fridge: Bottom freezers fridges, also known as mount refrigerators, contain a fresh food compartment at the top and a freezer at the bottom. The average size of a bottom freezer refrigerator is 29 to 32 inches in width, 67 to 70 inches in height, and 33.3 inches in depth.

Side By Side Fridge: A side-by-side refrigerator has two doors/sides – one side is the fridge and the other is a freezer. The standard size of these refrigerators is 32 to 39 inches in width, 29 to 31 inches in depth, and 65 to 71 inches in height. 

French Double Door Fridge: This is a variant of the side by side door. The standard size of these fridges is 29 to 36 inches in width, 29 to 34 inches in depth, and 68 to 71 inches in height. Buy stylish refrigerators for your home from Bajaj Mall and avail amazing offers online. Check out the full range of double door fridge on EMI and buy one at great offers.

Top Freezer: A top freezer refrigerator has a freezer compartment on top. This fridge option fits comfortably in most homes. These models are 28 to 32 inches in width, 28 to 34 inches in depth, and 61 to 66 inches in height. 

How To Choose The Right Fridge Size

You can choose a refrigerator from the different models ranging from single door, double door, or French door. The choice of the fridge depends on the available space and budget. In the case of smaller spaces, you can consider a top or bottom freezer refrigerator. However, if you have a large kitchen, you can opt for a French door or double door fridge.

The next step is to measure the fridge dimensions and the space available for the installation of the fridge. All you need is a measuring tape and a pencil and you are good to go! 

How To Measure A Fridge

1. Measure Refrigerator Depth:

This is an important step in measurement. Measuring the depth usually gives you an idea if the doors of the fridge can open and close easily. The depth must be measured with the drawers and the doors open. Handles may or may not be included while taking measurements for depth. Measure the distance from the wall with a little room for extension. Measure the front space to give yourself an idea if the doors can open without getting stuck.   

2. Measure Refrigerator Width: 

The width is measured in three ways: from the wall to the counter, from cabinet to cabinet, and from whatever is on either side of the cutout space for installing the refrigerator. In case you want to place your double-door fridge near a wall, leave a gap of at least two inches from the wall. 

3. Measure Refrigerator Height: 

The height of most refrigerators ranges from 61 inches to 71 inches. Measure from the floor to the bottom of the overhead cabinet or ceiling. Accommodate extra space at the top for door hinges and other projections for the right fit. 

4. Make Sure to Add Breathing Space: 

Now that you know the dimensions of the fridge, do not forget to add half-inch to 1 inch on the sides. This additional space allows for proper ventilation and prevents the fridge from overheating. If the refrigerator is placed near a wall, ensure at least a 1-inch gap between the wall and the fridge, since warm air is mostly expelled from the back panel. Ensure that you leave ample space in the front so the doors and drawers can swing/slide open without any obstruction.  

5. Space from the Home Entrance to the Kitchen: 

People often overlook the size of their home entrance and kitchen door when buying a double-door fridge. Your new refrigerator must be compact enough to pass through the doorways. Therefore, mapping the pathway from the entrance to the kitchen is a crucial step. You must measure all the halls and doorways that your fridge will pass through. Neglecting this step may result in dents on your new appliance or, even worse, a fridge that remains stuck outside. 

Summary: Refrigerators come in different sizes and styles and getting the right one for your home involves a bit of preparation. Perhaps the most important factor is the size of the fridge and whether it is compatible with the space you have allocated at home. Here we discuss some essential steps and ways to measure the dimensions of a fridge and the space you plan to keep it in. Correct measurements will ensure that you purchase the right double-door fridge that is the perfect fit for your household.

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