Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment is a frequently asked question? Under this heading, you will learn more about treatments. The naturally occurring space in the main center of a tooth is called a root canal. The tissue inside the root canal is also called the pulp. This pulp tissue contains the blood vessels and nerve tissue that nourish the tooth.

How Root canal treatment Helps 

Root canal treatment repairs and ultimately saves infected or decayed teeth. During root canal treatment in Turkey, these nerves are taken from the pulp of the tooth, where the blood vessels and nerve tissue are located. Clean the inside of the tooth thoroughly. Finally, the void was filled. Root canal treatment is the last resort for solving dental caries problems.

However, in some cases, root canal treatment may be required. These are toothache that does not go away on its own, toothache that does not go away with painkillers, and hypersensitivity to cold or hot food. The most effective way to determine if you need root canal treatment is to consult your dentist.

Root Canal Teeth Treatment

The dentist will take an X-ray to look at the root structure of the tooth and see if there is any infection. In this way, if there is any damage to the tooth, it will be noticed the first time and if root canal treatment is required, treatment can be started the first time. We can lose teeth due to inflammation of the pulp tissue or apical disease.

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Final Paragraph

Root canal treatment also comes into play here. It prevents your teeth from falling out and allows you to continue using your teeth. Since the treatment is easy to apply, it does not cause much discomfort to the patient. This is more sensible than the other treatments. For this reason, it is a big mistake to pull teeth before root canal treatment.

These root canal treatments are performed by endodontists and are part of the scope of endodontics.


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