Should Abortion Be Banned?

should abortion be banned?

A medical procedure used to finish a pregnancy is called abortion. It is the basic need of healthcare for millions of girls and women. According to an estimate, about one in four pregnancies are aborted yearly. But abortion is a common need, but the women that are taking abortion services not be guaranteed to provide them legal or safe services.

There is much debate present on the abortion issue. Some studies show that should ban abortion in all countries. But some studies show that banning abortion is not a way to stop this process. Because there are many other ways that women can use to abort their child, on the other hand, women also think they will have health issues without abortion.

Some basic facts about abortion

This basic fact everyone should know to get awareness.

These are:

  1. People get abortion services regardless it legal or not
  2. Every injury and death is almost preventable from unsafe abortion
  3. Most countries are changing their law or allowing women access to abortion
  4. Restricting and criminalizing abortion prohibited doctors from providing women with a basic care
  5. An abortion ban can hurt women in their workplace
  6. It is a human right to have access to safe abortion services


People get abortion services regardless it is legal or not.

Million people decide on abortion every year, and many of them end. People don’t think that it is legal or not, but they want to get abortion services. According to a study, in countries where abortion services are prohibited, their abortion rate is about 37 per 1000 persons. They allowed abortion only in case to save the life of women. But the countries that allow abortion services, they’re abortion rate is about 34 per 1000 persons. There is not much difference significantly.

If you get abortion services through a trained doctor in proper sanitary conditions, then it is the safest procedure even than childbirth. But when the government bans abortion, then people compel to get unsafe abortion services, especially those that can’t afford private doctors.


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Every injury and death is almost preventable from unsafe abortion

In countries that prohibit safe access to abortion, deaths are common. It is said that death and injury are preventable through unsafe abortion services. Women have this second option of getting abortion services.

In restricted countries, the law allows abortion services in case of incest or rape, severe fetus impairment, and at risk of life. Abortions that happened due to these reasons, the percentage of such abortions is very low. Most women and girls under this law are forced to get unsafe abortion services.

Most countries are changing their law or allowing women access to abortion

Over the last 20 to 25 years, 50 or more countries have changed their abortion ban law or given access to women of abortion. They recognize that safe abortion is important to protect the health and life of women.

Restricting and criminalizing abortion prohibited doctors from providing women with a basic care

Restricting and criminating laws prevent all doctors not providing their services properly. They are prohibited from providing the best care services to their patients. Abortion criminalization results come in a chilling effect. Professional doctors may not always understand the law’s bounds or can apply these restrictions in the wrong way than according to law. This situation may happen because of many reasons, like personal beliefs. Negative stereotypes about girls and women, abortion stigma, etc.

The abortion ban can hurt women in their workplace.

Most women are working. They work in different fields to earn money. For working women banning abortion law will not suit. They will face many problems that make it difficult for them to work. Simply the career of women ends before they start. After pregnancy, their responsibilities change. So most women don’t want a baby before building their careers. The abortion ban will become a hurdle for them.

It is a human right to have access to safe abortion services.

According to international laws of human rights, everybody has the right to live life or health. They have the right to live life without discrimination, violence, inhuman, cruel, or degrading treatment. According to human rights, your body is just yours. You have the right to do whatever you want to do with your body. It is a type of violation to force someone don’t get an abortion, do unwanted pregnancy, or get unsafe abortion services.

In several circumstances, those who do not have the choice to get an unsafe abortion have the risk of punishment and prosecution, including facing cruel imprisonment, and degrading and inhuman discrimination or treatment.

On the other hand, having access to abortion upholds or protects the human rights of girls and women or achieves gender and social justice.

Final words

However, for many years, the government has wanted to ban abortion, but it still has not happened because sometimes it very needs to have an abortion. If banned abortion from last year, it could cause more pain than happiness. Because still, a lot of people want to get abortion services. If it happened, then built many illegal clinics to provide abortion services at very high prices. It means that abortion services should be legal worldwide or performed very safely.

We see a lot of stories on social media that are in favor or against abortion. Studies should not ban abortion because women can face many problems they are not expecting. Some said it is just murder to kill a baby before its birth. But people want abortion services because the reproductive line is all private for them.

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