The Top Skills to Take into 2023 as an Entrepreneur

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Top Skills to Take into 2023 as an Entrepreneur

We live in a changing world where the advancement of technology means different skills are needed in order to excel in business. These skills might seem daunting to acquire but will help you to find success as an entrepreneur in 2023.

We chatted with a couple of experts to see what they had to say about the necessary skills needed in the new year.

1. An interest in developing leadership skills

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur in 2023, you need to have an interest in developing your leadership skills. Being a leader is a desirable trait to have in an entrepreneur because it can lead to better connections and collaborations between you and your team. Having leadership skills also helps your team to become more independent which increases their confidence, therefore, creating a strong and knowledgeable team.

This increase in independence helps you as an entrepreneur to be able to take on more roles and responsibilities because you have more trust in your team and their abilities to make important decisions.

2. Having a customer centered mindset

Olivia Long, the editor-in-chief of DroneGuru remarks that “learning how to be a customer service expert is something that can only help you in the new year. The service you provide is a major asset to your business and will determine whether or not you will be successful. It is a good idea to amp up your customer service by hiring the right people and also looking into ways you can do so.

Taking in customer feedback is an important part of this, as well as looking at past and present data to recognize trends. A customer-focused business is one that ensures a complete customer experience which leads to increased business and loyalty. This is important for both B2C and B2B companies, as you want the return rate of customers as well as your brand recognition to increase”.

2023 as an Entrepreneur

3. Being creative with content

“2023 is going to be all about how you can create unique content that will entice consumers to not only buy into your brand but become familiar with it. It’s a skill to be able to make content that sticks with people but is something as an entrepreneur, you must become good at.

It helps to hire the right people, or to research and practice making your own unique content and making efforts to improve as you go. Being on social media is a must for 2023, and ensuring you are making content that can be interacted with increases consumer engagement.

Social media content is important as it makes it easier to be able to connect with your audience. It’s a necessary skill as an entrepreneur because it helps your brand to be able to build relationships with your customers as a marketing strategy”, says Tatiana Lapteva of Lingvohouse

4. Focusing on sustainability

Sustainability in 2023 is a major factor for businesses to consider as it is important to the majority of the population. It is also necessary for businesses to take on responsibility for the planet to ensure they aren’t majorly contributing to pollution and excess waste. 

Reducing the number of emissions as well as waste as a business is a must. It can help to offer payment of public transportation for employees or to adopt a more hybrid or remote working style. It’s also beneficial to look at the waste produced by your company and look at how you can reduce it. Going paperless is a good start, as well as looking to buy second-hand office supplies and technology instead of buying new ones.

5. Having a grasp on remote and hybrid collaboration

As an entrepreneur, it’s a valuable skill to be able to adapt to remote and hybrid practices to ensure a smooth workflow. Knowing what processes need to be in place for remote and hybrid work to be a success, makes it easier for your team to follow your direction and it decreases the chances of your team encountering large issues.

Having a grasp on these practices also makes it easier for everyone to work productively, as all members are aware of their own roles and responsibilities.

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6. Above average knowledge of digital marketing

Knowing the ins and outs of digital marketing is a really good skill to acquire for 2023. Being able to work on the digital marketing of your own business eliminates the need for outside help. It also gives you more of an inside view of the technicalities when it comes to marketing in an online space.

Learning more about SEO can really help you to understand the viewpoint of your target market, and will help you to know the next steps for your brand. Also learning other valuable skills like video editing can ensure you are a well-rounded entrepreneur that can add more to your own business. 


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