8 Best Tips For Finding Topic For Argumentative Essay - Complete Guide

8 Best Tips For Finding Topic For Argumentative Essay

You are here, which means you found it difficult to find a topic for argumentative essay. Students in schools and colleges know how to write, analyze and research content for argumentative essays. But one thing that they always strive for is to know what the topic would be they start writing on. Do you think why we lack in selecting a good topic for an argumentative essay? Not! Right.

Let me explain it to you. Whenever we need to select a topic, we mostly select the one that is less argumentative. That is why we always lack in providing good evidence and arguments about the topic. This article will describe how we can select a topic, what should be the key features and tips for finding a good topic.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay requires its writer to research, find evidence, and then write it in an investigative way. The writer must explain both sides of the topic with evidence and lets the reader decide what is wrong and what’s right. He can also show his support to any side of the topic.

Why we need to select the topic:

Do you ever think why our teacher gives us the responsibility to select a topic? Because generally, teachers used to allot topics for argumentation essays. The reason behind it is that our teachers want to check whether we can select a critical topic or not. Another reason behind it is that they want to check our understanding level of an argumentation essay. 

So precisely, you should know the tips to select a topic for an argumentative essay.

8 Best Tips For Finding Topic For Argumentative Essay - Complete Guide

Tips for finding a topic for argumentative essay:

An argumentative topic should be researchable, controversial, and arguable. What does it mean? Let’s understand in detail.

The topic must be researchable:

In an argumentative essay, we have to explain a topic from its positive as well as negative perspective. How can we do so? It can only be achievable if there’s enough content available in books and on the internet that explains both sides of the topic.

This means if you have decided on a topic for an argumentative essay, make sure to search it on the internet first or check any book for related content. RESEPER You can also ensure that a good number of writers and content creators have written about the topic. Meanwhile, you can also hire an essay writing service to help you with the topic.

Always select a controversial topic:

What is a controversial topic? A controversial topic or statement always has two thoughts of people, whether agree or disagree with it. More precisely, a controversial statement divides the people. Some of them always try to approve the statement, and others disprove it. Now you might be thinking about which type of topic comes under controversial one.

Some examples “Why do we need a book when we have internet in hand? Why do only men have the right to divorce?” These are controversial topics where one person will have only one opinion about these topics.

Select an arguable topic:

In our childhood, our elders used to say, “Don’t argue”. Is it true? Yes! But to select a topic for argumentative essay, you should select a topic that can provide you with a large ground to argue about the topic. 

For example, if someone gives you 2 topics to write an argumentative essay on. Let’s say the first one is “When was World War II started?” This topic is static and you cannot have more than one argument about it. Let’s say the second one is “What were the reasons behind World War II that urged countries to wage war?” So, this is an arguable topic because there can be many more than one argument about the reasons behind World War II. 

Select a trendy topic:

As fashion trends change rapidly, people’s thinking styles and areas of interest are also changing. One day, they are talking about a topic, and the next day they have another statement to discuss. That is why you should select a trendy topic. You can check the newspaper, Google news, or any other source of information to select a trendy krudplug topic.

Select a topic that interests you:

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay you must write by heart. This is because the essay needs you to search no for resources, write about both sides of the argument and defend one side if you want to. So if you select a topic in which you have zero interest you cannot justify the topic. An argumentative essay wants its writer to have a keen interest in the topic to write a well-organized, relevant essay. If the topic cannot hook the writer, how can it hook the reader?

Select a brief topic:

Whenever you select a topic, keep in consideration that it should not be an ocean. When selecting a topic, people normally end up selecting a broad topic. One more destructive issue with such a topic is that it needs lots of introductory information. So, avoid selecting such kinds of topics and select a brief topic you can tackle with less but relevant information.

Select a topic with more than one side to talk on:

Sometimes you end up selecting a topic that is controversial and arguable, but you cannot talk much about it. To keep your reader interested in the topic, you need to add references and arguments about both sides of the essay. As a result, always select a topic that has potential on both sides of the argument while selecting a topic for an argumentative essay.

Select a topic with more justifications and references:

It is necessary to select a topic that triggers you to write. But what if you do not have much justification and references? An argumentative essay has its base on references and quotes you write on it. If you have fewer justifications about a topic, do not try to touch it.


An argumentative essay is a very sensitive type of essay that demands its reader to have thorough research. If you have a responsibility to write an argumentative essay, make sure you select a topic for which you have enough content, references, and viewpoints. Also, it is important to select a topic for an argumentative essays on which different people have different perspectives.

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