What is The Difference between Scrum Master Vs Project Manager

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Corporate structures ar unceasingly increasing their work structure and turning into a lot of and a lot of concerned and sophisticated. generally things don’t work as planned. To counter these challenges, the company system needs to be able to cater to those challenges. The start team and therefore the project manager have a giant role to play to counter these challenges.

Project management is that the backbone of any project and therefore the main reason behind project success similarly. the sole distinction is that the project manager deals with problems that ar associated with semipermanent plans, whereas the start master takes the burden of meeting immediate action plans.

Project Manager

We ar substantially at home with the term called ‘Project Manager’. The project manager may be a terribly formal character within the company structure. work force management, communications, policymaking, and system higher-up ar the key wants of today’s business wants. To summarize, the project manager are formally the captain of the ship.

What is Scrum?

Many of you’ll not grasp what start means that. start may be a business term utilized by business sectors, that closely refers to agile project management. The methodology is backed by start Management principles, that work on notice and search tools. start managers ar trained to start out with the out there things then still track the remaining bits. a lot of like determination a puzzle.

Why have Scrum?

So the question arises, why have a start master on your team after you have already got a project manager? the most logic behind this can be that huge organization cannot risk halting their operations for work emergencies. They let the conventional work done controlled by the project manager and rent start masters to handle the height hours. Moreover, a start manager may be considered Servant Leader.

Scrum Example

The best example which will be attributed to start Master is that of a football game coach. Ever seen however all the team gets hurdled up throughout the break, and therefore the coach passes the sport plans to the team. an analogous role will be attributed to a start manager.

6 Major variations between Project and start Management

To provide a lot of clarification concerning start Master and well Project manager following points ar given.

  • Project Responsibility: Project managers ar biased to a a lot of structure approach. Therefore, they’re a lot of involved with the outcomes of the project. On the opposite hand, start masters ar a lot of attached human resource efficiencies.


  • Role within the Organization: Project management extremely|is very|is extremely} a highly strategic term. start masters don’t seem to be attached the decision-making method of the corporate. they need to form positive that they supply the simplest mentorship for achieving the specified goals.


  • Work Approach: There exists a serious distinction between start and project management approaches. start masters therefore work on up the power and dev practices of the project, whereas project managers ar a lot of attached project handling and client satisfaction.


  • Project Scope: Contrarily to the traditional mode of operating, start managers work on short comes or act as facilitators to realize the specified start. Project managers ar a lot of suited to handle those comes that need to be operated within the end of the day.


  • Workforce Relationship: Project managers develop associate degree approach to produce the work force with deliverables for his or her work schedule. start masters cannot do this. they’ll solely enhance the productivity of the work force.


  • Pay Scale: Speaking commonly, project managers tend to earn less or equal as compared to start masters. However, it majorly depends upon the project and structure structure of the organization.


Different Management Approaches

A start may be a self-organizational approach that helps the work force to reinforce their potency and productivity. On the opposite hand, project management is a lot of biased toward a corporate-oriented approach. consider project management as a Strategic Management term whereas considering start to be a lot of biased to project management.

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